DX Racer Formula Series Review 2018 – Is it worth it?

DX Racer Formula Series

Extended gaming sessions often are physically draining as the chair or desk you are using may be unappropriated for your health, and, in the long-term, constant straining your back or wrist can cause severe damage.

To prevent this type of health issues is essential to use an appropriate chair and desk, that will keep the position as correct as it should be. For this purpose, DX Racer has created a line of gaming chairs known as the Formula Series, that seeks to provide comfort and improve your posture, all at a mid-range price.



DX Racer has several chair lines or “series” available for purchase. From the cheaper and more basic “Origin” series to the more expensive and bigger “Tank,” there are not only many models to choose from but also several color combinations.

Within this myriad of products, we are going to focus our attention on the more popular “Formula” series, a good compromise between comfort, quality, and price.

Ranging the from more basic colors like blue and green to indigo and coffee, you have 12 colors available to choose from so that your chair will match your taste in every metric.

Nevertheless, as visually appealing as colors are, there are more important features to consider when buying a chair, and DX Racer did a nice job on those too.

The DX Racer is built to have good ergonomics as to allow for more comfortable use.


What we like:

  • An adjustable backseat that tilts up to 135º and functions like a recliner, enabling you to rest between game sessions;
  • Height-adjustable armrest so to adjust your arms to a more comfortable and adequate position;
  • The famous lumbar and headrest cushion that provides not only the apparent bonus comfort but also ensures your back is in a natural and correct posture. It goes a long way in preventing health complications.

DX Racer Formula Series Recline

Regarding padding and covering you can choose Strong Mesh, Polyurethane (PU) or the more aggressive Carbon look vinyl (PVC). The first one is cheaper and scratch resistant, the second has a leather-like feel and is easier to clean, and the last has the same characteristics as the former, but it is sturdier and has that gamer aggressive look.

The base of the Formula series chairs is available either in Nylon or Aluminium that are sturdily built to ensure the chair’s stability. However, the Formula series have a recommended weight of 90kg or 200 lbs and a height of 175cm or 5ft. 9 in. It can support, for higher weights and heights you should consider other models like the “Iron” or “Sentinel” series.




Overall, the DX Racer Formula Series is an excellent chair made especially for gamers. Likewise, it is built with comfort and health in mind ensuring the end-user, in this case, the gamer can go about their task for long periods of time without getting too tired from being sat or have any health issues such as back and wrist pain fruit of those same long sessions.

Furthermore, it is entirely customizable since the beginning, having a vast plethora of colors and materials to choose from so you can customize it to your specific needs. Also, if there is a problem with any part of the chairs, such as the base, the armrest, and so on, you can change it at any time.

All these features, which by glance may seem little improvements over standard chairs, come together to improve your comfort and health while you game.

The DX Racer Formula Series has a price range from 280$ to 350$.



  • Great ergonomics and comfort;
  • Customizable in several ways.


  • The price tag is around 300$ which is a little expensive for a chair.