Logitech Gaming Mouse: 5 Best Options You Can Choose From

Top 5 Logitech Gaming Mouses

There are four basic tenements of a good gaming rig: a powerful computer, a large monitor, a great keyboard, and a stellar mouse.

Without a mouse specifically designed to function as an accessory for a PC game, the quality of the player’s skill and experience takes a dive.

A basic mouse may do the job, but is it fulfilling?

Does it feel good playing with a basic mouse bought for seven dollars?

We don’t think so.

The mouse is as vital to the quality of the setup as everything else is. The worth, function, and perpetual comfort that a good mouse provides can’t be replaced by any discount product.

You need to go name brand.

Thankfully, the market is flooded with all manner of options to choose from.

Why Choose a Logitech Gaming Mouse?

A Logitech gaming mouse provides precisely the criteria you’re looking for in a decent mouse – high quality, sensible design with optimal performance. But these are all going to be aspects of their product we’re going to be digging into in no time at all.

Here’s what it boils down to: you want something you can trust. You want something reliable. You want something good. And you want something affordable.

Sure, you’ll get your own chance to compare the product to others. Whatever your end-all preference turns out to be, it doesn’t change the fact that Logitech provides a high quality service, and if you’re in the market for a good Logitech gaming mouse, we can help you.

How We Chose Our List

Logitech, like any reputable seller, has a standard to live up to. Like all of its competition, a good gaming mouse has to prove that it’s worth spending money on, giving time for, and reviewed well.

We spent the time analyzing, researching, and comparing their many available models to find the very best they can offer. That analysis was based on an examination of a few important properties any gaming mouse needs to have.

  • Ergonomics: The mouse needs to be comfortable. You’re going to be holding it for much longer than anything else while gaming. To tolerate something for that long means it has to sit perfectly in the hand and maintain a steady grip. You have to enjoy holding it.
  • Responsiveness: Mouses can’t be sluggish. A good mouse is responsive to your movement, while also providing good DPI and precision. The cursor should glide across the screen, and you should feel like you’re in complete control of it.
  • Quality: They need to have good parts and quality craftsmanship. The better a mouse is made, the more durable it is. The more durable, the longer you can enjoy using it.
  • Proficiency: Gaming mouses generally are designed with specific genres in mind. A mouse intended for an FPS is different from one designed for MMORPGs. While there are plenty of mouses that specialize in one genre alone, there are others that are going to be all-purpose or cross-genre.
  • Customization: Who doesn’t like being able to make changes for their mouse to suit them? Any mouse you purchase isn’t a guarantee fit. Purchasing one that you can change to your liking gives you some agency in the matter.
  • Price: You’ll probably be interested in that golden egg, something between extremely good and affordable. They’re hard to find, but if you’re looking, we’ll help you find them.

Any good Logitech gaming mouse will have to do pretty well in all these areas to qualify them for this list.

Top 5 Logitech Gaming Mouses

Whether or not you find what piques your interest here, you should at least come away with an idea of where to start. However, if you’re lucky, this’ll be your one-stop shop.

1. G502 HERO High Performance Gaming Mouse

We’re starting off with a gaming mouse that looks the part. You’ll often find with specialized mouses, or knock-offs, that they’ll go above board with the design. Missing gaps, sharp angles, fractal plating – it can come off looking ridiculous.

The HERO steps around that hurdle without losing the look. It’s nice to have a gaming mouse that stands out. Standing out without seeming out-of-place on the desktop is the thread through the needle, though. The HERO capitalizes on the gaming mouse aesthetic without overdoing it.

There’s a lot of stuff to play around with, too. It has eleven customizable buttons located around the sides and edges, tastefully placed to be convenient without being ignored. The mouse’s onboard memory lets you save the key settings and store up to five unique button profiles.

The scroll wheel itself lets you change between hyper-fast continual scrolling and a locked down, click-by-click precision mode. The left and right buttons can last up to 50 million presses, using a mechanical switch designed for a satisfying, crisp, and rapid clicking.

The HERO prides itself on having the most accurate optical sensor yet, capable of DPI ranges between 2000 and 16000. You’ll want to tune your DPI settings to your preference once you get it. Not only that, you can change the settings on the fly, giving you increased control for accuracy or speed.

If that weren’t customizable enough, wait till you hear about the next two bits. The lights are changeable, offering a selection of any color imaginable – around 16.8 million options.

There are five discrete weights found on the underside on the mouse. You can change, move, or remove these to optimize the weight of your mouse for accuracy and maneuverability.

Finally, it has an ergonomic, comfortable design with rubber grips on the side for better grip.

The HERO is easily among the best Logitech gaming mouses offered, and customers agree. It’s an all-purpose now, and provides a suitable fit for most any game genre.

Pricing: $80

Rating: 5/5

2. Pro Gaming FPS Mouse

This mouse is a bit more of a step in the classical direction. It doesn’t have the same level of customization that others have, or a unique, “gamer” design that make sit stand out.

It’s built to do what it needs to do: play well.

The Pro Gaming FPS mouse sets out to accomplish the fundamentals: accuracy, comfort, ease, responsiveness, the whole shebang. It’s sports a top-of-the-line sensor, with DPI range up to 16000. That alone puts it on part with the best.

The mouse’s lightweight design, combined with an excellent optical sensor, makes waves in performance. Smooth, quick, and accurate movements define it. You’ll be able to customize the DPI settings to your liking once you have the mouse in your hands.

The mechanical button system creates a crisp, reliable clicking performance. The system ensures that you won’t need too much force or too little to consistently operate it.

As for customization, there are six total buttons to configure to your heart’s content. While this mouse may not be the ideal choice for MMO’s and games that require a lot of quick options, it’s ideal for first-person shooters and RTS’s. You can then save the button layouts and keep five different profiles on hand.

You can also customize the lights, with up to 16.8 million color options to choose from. The customization may be lacking, but this Logitech gaming mouse makes up for it with function. With a 1ms report time, you won’t need to worry about lag.

This durable mouse may not be the most striking product out there, but who needs flair when you have function? It’s reliable, comfortable, and easy to use for a decent price. Those who have purchased it have responded with overwhelming appreciation for its comfortable and reliable design.

Pricing: $80

Rating: 4.8

3. G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse

If we’re talking compact, light, streamlined mouses, then the LIGHTSPEED defines the class.

By conserving weight, focusing on utilizing only the most durable, lightest materials available, this Logitech gaming mouse is near weightless. Weighing in at only 110 g, not even a quarter of a pound, you’d be hard pressed to find anything of equal quality at this weight.

Not only is it premium material, it takes its user into mind. Most mouses are designed for right-handed people. This one is ambidextrous, providing no matter which is your dominant hand.

The LIGHTSPEED derives its name from how responsive it is. With an optical sensor that functions between 2000 and 12000 DPI, this mouse covers a wide range of movement and control. Not only that, but it’s report rate takes only a single millisecond. All of this is done while being completely wireless.

While it does come with an effective, durable cable to charge with, you can also shell out a few extra dollars for the POWERPLAY wireless charger. It’s a pad that you’ll only need to set the mouse on to begin charging.

The mouse has eleven programmable buttons to configure to your choosing. There are provided covers to cover any unused buttons you have. It has a resilient hyper-scroll wheel and durable, responsive primary buttons.

The DPI settings are customizable, either on the fly or when you receive the mouse itself. If there’s something about the weight that doesn’t feel quite right to you, you’re able to customize it by removing or adding an extra 10g weight on the underside. Plus, if you like colors, that’s fully customizable too.

The LIGHTSPEED breathes high quality, both in its design and in its execution. It’s sleek, with good grips across the entire mouse for any hand, and versatile in its use.

While the majority of the customers who’ve bought it have been extremely pleased, there have been some common concerns, mainly about the scrolling wheel acting up. The comfort of the mouse also seems to be hit-or-miss, depending on the user.

Ambidextrous mouses struggle with perfection.

However, despite some minor issues, the mouse itself works like a charm. It’s a little high in price, but the function justifies it.

Pricing: $150

Rating: 4.7/5

4. G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for a mouse designed for comfort, look no further.

The G602 sports a considerate ergonomic design with plenty of grip pads around to make sure it doesn’t slip. There’s plenty of room to rest on it and still have full access to everything the mouse offers.

The battery, considering its a wireless mouse, lasts for an incredibly long time – 250 hours. Replacing batteries can get annoying, especially if they die on you at the wrong time. The G602 mitigates that issue while also cutting out the need for tangled wires.

There are eleven programmable buttons on the mouse, providing any gamer with plenty of options for customization. You can also adjust your DPI settings on the fly for precision and sniping. With a DPI range of up to 2500, that can come in handy.

While this mouse is great for gaming, it just the right design and function for plenty of other activities. Art, editing, general internet use, this mouse provides ample proficiency in any setting.

This durable mouse should last you for quite a while. Although it’s appearance does, in our opinion, come off as a little dated, that doesn’t affect the function. It’s lag-free, has a battery indicator on the top of the mouse, and a quality high-accuracy sensor.

Most people find satisfaction with this mouse, but it isn’t perfect. It isn’t as customizable as many of its peers, since it seems to be designed for more casual players. It also seems to run into occasional hardware issues with some people.

Pricing: $80

Rating: 4.5/5

5. G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

There’s nothing that screams specific genre than this mouse. It’s in the name, and it’s even clearer in the design.

The G600 MMO Logitech gaming mouse is nothing if not true to its nature. Sporting 20 customizable buttons, all located right under your thumb, the options for an MMO player are literally at your fingertips. The pad is designed for a tactile reading, making each button easily distinguishable.

The G-shift button, located on the right side of the mouse, can then double your available customizable functions.

The mouse can hold up to three customizable profiles for you to assign unique button layouts to. Combined with a durable build, comfortable form, and easy DPI control, if your cup of tea are games like WoW or Guild Wars 2, this mouse fits you perfectly.

As far as customer response goes, they’ve found that not only does this mouse fit an MMO perfectly, it’s good for other more casual uses as well. It’s multi-purpose and prone to last a long time with constant use.

Pricing: $60

Rating: 4.5/5

Buyer’s Guide

The first thing to look for with any new mouse is to make sure the specifications are what you want them to be.

Double-check how large they are, because a mouse that doesn’t fit your hand won’t be comfortable or easy to use.

Don’t forget to judge it based off of its qualifications either.

  • Ergonomics
  • Responsiveness
  • Quality
  • Proficiency

Fact-checking first will ensure you’re pleased as punch with your decision in the end.

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