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gtx 1050 interface: pci-e 3.0, dvi-d, displayport, hdmi. fast, smooth, power-efficient gaming experiences

When computers were first entering the market at a price point where people could afford them in their homes, they were vastly different than the computers we have today. While a lot has changed, perhaps the biggest change has been in the graphics. If you are old enough to remember the first home computers, you probably remember the green glow of the screen and the crude graphics. Eventually, that morphed into graphics that were only slightly better, but at least they included color. Finally, we got to the point of modern graphics.

Being able to create the amazing, almost lifelike graphics that we are used to today requires a lot from your computer. Mainly, it requires a graphics card that can handle the demands. Without a graphics card, you won’t see anything on your computer, and forget about playing games with rich colors and movement.

Whether you are building a computer or want to upgrade, your choice of a graphics card is very important. We want to help you understand better what you need and what you should think about when buying a graphics card. We also want to introduce you to the Nvidia GTX 1050. We’ll tell you all about this graphics card and what to expect from it. We’ll also compare it to other options and give you the pros and cons.

First, though, let’s talk more about graphics cards in general. Find out how they work and what you specifically need to keep in mind when buying one.

GTX 1050Pros & Cons

When you buy a product, you probably only think about the best things about it, but if you are really trying to ensure you get the best, then you will want to look at both the pros and cons. We have compiled a great list that takes into consideration expert opinions and consumer reviews, along with our input. This provides you with the most comprehensive look at what to expect from this product. We have kept it unbiased and accurate to ensure you get only the complete truth.


  • Great value at this budget level
  • Excellent performance
  • Trusted name brand
  • Silent operation, even with fan running


  • It’s an older model
  • It can be tricky to install
  • Some build quality issues with a flimsy overall feel

GTX 1050

gtx 1050 Interface: PCI-E 3.0, DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI. Fast, smooth, power-efficient gaming experiences

​Graphic Cards Explained

Every computer comes with a graphics processing unit. They are basic and allow images, videos and other visuals to display on your computer. When we talk about a graphics card, we are talking about a dedicated graphics card, which allows for better and faster graphics processing and display.

Most people who worry about graphics cards are people who play computer games. In most of your other interactions online, you won’t really need to worry much about it. Any built-in GPU should be able to play videos and basic games with no trouble. It isn’t until you get into graphics-heavy gaming that you really need to become concerned about a dedicated graphics card for your computer.

If you are a gamer, then you need to pay attention when choosing a graphics card. Games all have specifications that will explain what graphics card you need. You want to go with at least the minimum recommendation for the game you are playing. This will allow you to have the best graphics and overall gaming experience.

Not every game requires a dedicated graphics card. Simple games can run fine on your computer’s existing settings. However, if you want to get into multiple players, high action, fast graphics and movement type games, then it is time to look into a dedicated graphics card, like the GTX 1050.

When it comes to buying a graphics card, there is a lot to think about. It has to be compatible with your overall system while also delivering what you need to play whatever game you have chosen. You also need to be able to install the drivers so it will work. Another consideration is how you will power it. A dedicated graphics card pulls power, unlike the GPU integrated within your computer. So, you may need a power upgrade. You also need a spot on your motherboard in which to install the card. Some graphics cards can be pretty big, so you need to keep peace in mind. If the card you are buying doesn’t have a built-in fan, then your computer cooling system may also need an upgrade. In the end, you may need to upgrade your whole computer case to allow for the installation of the new card.

Finally, there is no reason to upgrade to a dedicated graphics card if your computer can’t handle the game you want to play. Make sure your computer specs are up to par. In some cases, you may need to start from scratch and build or buy a whole new computer just to handle the demands of the game you want to play. There is a really good reason why there are computers made specifically for gaming. Gaming requires a lot from a computer, so not every computer can handle it. It makes no sense to spend the money and time to install a graphics card in a computer that won’t run the game in the end.

Now that you have some background on graphics cards, let’s talk about the GTX 1050. You can get a better idea of what to expect from this card and whether it meets your needs.

The GTX 1050 in Review

​When it comes to a graphics card, the biggest thing is performance. Everything else is minor because if it doesn’t function as it should, then it is useless. Luckily, there is no fear of that with the GTX 1050. This top-performing GPU from Nvidia will deliver whatever you need with the latest in Nvidia Pascal architecture. Here’s a look at some quick specs:

  • 2GB
  • 1080p HD
  • Built-in fan
  • Base clock 1354 MHz
  • Boost clock 1455 MHz
  • 2048 MB Memory
  • 128-bit GDDR5

​You will find this fan provides optimum performance for older and newer games. Heavy graphics are no match for this GPU. It and provides a fast and smooth overall experience. It comes with the standard Nvidia technologies expected from the company, including:

  • GSync
  • GeForce Experience
  • Game Stream

​This is good for plug and play because the drivers and the unit are prepped and ready to allow you to install and then get to gaming. Plus, the advanced graphics technologies, such as the Ansel in-game photography, help to boost your overall gaming experience to make it more lifelike and more vibrant than ever before.

It also provides excellent power efficiency with a minimum 300-Watt power required. The total supply power draw is 75 Watts. The built-in fan offers efficient cooling with the EVGA ACX 3.0 technology.

The GTX 1050 weighs in at 1.5 pounds. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 5.7 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Height: 4.4 inches

​GTX 1050 is actually known for its small size, which allows it to fit in more compact machines. It also makes it compatible with less expensive setups and plays into the overall budget-conscious thinking behind this GPU.

Keep in mind that the GTX 1050 comes with many options. You can choose different memory sizes beyond the 2GB of the basic model. In addition, you have a different fan and cooling options, along with power options. There is also the factory overclocks. So, keep that in mind when looking at this GPU.

How Much Dough Will You Drop?

A variety of retailers sell the Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card. You can buy it online or in stores. The suggested retailers from the manufacturer include:

  • Best Buy
  • Memory Express
  • Fry’s Electronics
  • Microcenter
  • Newegg

​You can also find it on Amazon and from other similar retailers.

GTX 1050 is one of the more affordable graphics cards. However, there are variations of this graphics card offering options in the number of fans and higher power, so the cost ranges from a low of $140 to a high of $180. How much you will spend on this graphics cards depends on your wants and needs. In addition, the retailer will often affect the pricing. You may find it priced higher or lower depending on where you buy it, so it is a good idea to shop around if you decide this is the one you want.

Comparing the GTX 1050 to Other Graphics Cards

When you shop, you want to compare the product to similar products. Of course, this can take time, which most of us have little to spare. To help you out, we have made some comparisons for you. We took the 1050 and put it up against two other similar graphics cards. We provide you with some ratings for key points, along with a summary of each that explains our findings. This will allow you to make a quick comparison and see how well the GTX 1050 stands up to other cards.

Nvidia GTX 1050

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:

​The GTX 1050 gets pretty good reviews. It is a budget GPU, so there are some build quality issues, but once installed, it does what it is supposed to, delivering fast graphics and smooth gameplay. It doesn’t hurt that it comes from a trusted name in the industry, Nvidia.

Gigabyte GTX 1050

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:

​This GPU runs effectively and efficiently. Users like that you get a good value for the cost. As another budget GPU, it is slightly bigger than the Nvidia model, so that can cause some installation issues.

MSI GTX 1050

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:

​Even though this is similar to the other two GPUs and a GTX 1050, it is more expensive, which lowers the overall value. Despite this, it does perform well and offers similar experiences to the other two graphics cards. Again, due to it being a budget line GPU, there are some build quality issues.


If you are looking for a good value in a GPU, then the Nvidia GTX 1050 will make you happy. It provides smooth operation and handles modern gaming demands nicely. This graphics card proves that you don’t have to break the bank to get good graphics that work with today’s demanding gameplay.

Because it is a budget device, there will be some tradeoffs. Since performance is key with a graphics card, Nvidia could not skimp there, so the cost savings are found in the construction of the product itself. This is the top complaint but something that really does not affect the overall operation or use of the product. However, flimsier construction and materials used in making the GTX 1050 means that you have to be more careful when handling and installing it. If you are too rough, you could break the plastic or bend the metal.

Beyond the build quality, the GTX 1050 from Nvidia provides you with a strong and dependable graphics card. It hits the mark on performance every time. No lags, no quality issues when it comes to graphics can be seen when using this GPU. It is because of the great quality and good value that we can highly recommend this graphics card.

Just keep in mind that there are more expensive models on the market that have better build quality. So, we recommend this for those of you who are concerned more with getting the best deal than you are with getting a sleek looking GPU. If you don’t really care that the plastic is flimsy and the metal is cheap, but do care that the card works as promised, then you won’t be upset with the Nvidia GTX 1050. This graphics card was made for those who just want to game but don’t want to spend a fortune for fancy components that don’t really deliver any better than this one does. If you are not about looks and looking for a good buy, then this is the GPU to buy.







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