Review GTX 1060 6GB

gtx 1060 6GB GDRR5 192-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 Dual TORX 2.0 Fan VR Ready Graphics Card (GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G)

 While you may use a computer every day, the chances are pretty good that you have very little knowledge about exactly how it works, and all the components required to make it function properly. You may have a better grasp on things if you are a gamer who is used to checking computer specifications when you play a new game. As a gamer, you are probably especially concerned over the graphics card.

Most people who use a computer give their graphics card very little thought. Computers come with an integrated GPU that handles all the graphics needs for most typical computer tasks. However, if you play games that are heavy on graphics, then you probably want to start thinking about a dedicated graphics card.

One such option is the MSI GTX 1060 6GB graphics card. In this review, you can find out more about this card. Learn about its specifications, along with the design pros and cons. Find out how it compares to other similar models and how much it will cost you to buy it. Finally, get our rating and see what our final verdict is about this graphics card.

Before we delve into the GTX 1060 6GB, though, let’s get to know more about what a graphics card is and see why you might need a dedicated card and when you might not need one. Also, learn how to choose the right one to fit your gaming or work needs.

GTX 1060 6GB Pros & Cons

You cannot do a good review without including a pros and cons list. No matter how great a product is, there is always something about it that consumers find lacking. So, we did the work for you to learn about what consumers and experts think are the good points and the bad points of the GTX 1060. We kept in mind that some reviews are biased, so we did our best to weed out those slanted comments to only get to the heart of what the general consensus is about this graphics card. We offer what we believe is the most accurate and unbiased list of pros and cons for the 1060 graphics card.


  • Smooth operation
  • Great image quality
  • Fast speed
  • Easy to install


GTX 1060 6GB

gtx 1060 6GB GDRR5 192-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 Dual TORX 2.0 Fan VR Ready Graphics Card (GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G)

What Is a Graphics Card?

In the most basic terms, a graphics card is what produces the images on your computer screen. Every computer has one. Most have integrated cards that can produce standard images and run simple videos. They work for most people. If you just use your computer for work or to watch Netflix, then you probably won’t have to give another thought to your graphics card because the integrated card should handle all your needs.

The point where you do need to start thinking about your graphics card and its capabilities is when you start playing graphics-heavy computer games. If you are a gamer, the integrated graphics card isn’t likely to cut it anymore. That is because the demands on your computer are much higher when trying to create lifelike images running at the speed needed to properly produce game footage.

Trying to run a game on an integrated GPU may be rough. A dedicated card can provide smoother play and overall better image quality. It also will help your computer to better function when trying to produce the graphics for overall better operation.

When looking at a dedicated graphics card, there are a few things you should think about. The most important is whether it will fit into your computer. Most motherboards have extra space for a graphics card to be added, but you may still have issues fitting one inside the case, especially if your case is small. You also have to think about power demand, which may require upgrading your power unit. Cooling is another factor. Most cards have built-in fans, but they may not always be enough for your particular set up, so you may need additional fans. You may think about upgrading your whole case to fit the components you need along with the new graphics card.

You also need to think about compatibility. Since you are adding hardware to your computer, it has to be compatible with your computer’s other parts. You have to be able to install drivers and set up the new card to work properly. The card also needs to be compatible with your needs. You should always check the specification for the game you want to play. Every game gives the minimum and recommended requirements. The minimums are the least specs you need to have for the game to run properly on your computer. Ideally, you will have the recommended set up, which provides the best overall gaming experience. Check the game or games you play most for the recommendations and make sure the graphics card you choose matches up.

If you are a gamer, your choice of a graphics card is important. If you want to have a smooth gaming experience, then you have to add a graphics card that can handle your game. Make sure to pay attention to the points we’ve mentioned here as you begin to shop around.

Let’s review the GTX 1060 6GB graphics card so you can see if it will match your needs.

The MSI GTX 1060 6GB

When looking at a graphics card, the top concern is how well it handles graphics production. You want it to be smooth and cinema quality. The GTX 1060 6GB delivers on that. It supports 4x display models with a 7680 x 4320 maximum resolution. This is a powerful graphics card with a video memory of 6 GB.

Connecting your graphics card can sometimes be a hassle. Putting any component into a computer is a careful process. With this GPU, you have a 1×8 pin power connector with a DVI-D dual link, HDMI and three display ports for output.

Power consumption is always a concern for GPUs because they operate at such high levels and can really pull the power. This graphics card runs on a 400-Watt power supply. The power consumption comes in at 120 Watts.

Beyond the performance, you also want to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to building quality. Looking at the MSI GTX 1060, you will see care was taken to ensure the best build possible. It features double ball bearings in the fans to make them more durable and long lasting. They also help keep the GPU silent during operation, while effectively cooling it to ensure no overheating issues even during long gaming sessions. The fan is actually one of the best features in the build of this GPU because it features Zero Frozr technology that is an industry standard. It keeps the fan quiet and operating properly. The fan also uses the TORX 2.0 technology to get to better levels of cooling to eliminate any overheating worries.

Looking further at the build quality, you will find the details were not overlooked. The thermal compound used is made for durability. The heat pipes are thick copper that maximizes heat transfer.

Finally, you have to consider the look of the GPU. After all, if you are adding in a graphics card, you are serious about your computer. You probably have a case designed to show off what’s inside. You don’t want a clunky looking GPU bringing down the overall aesthetic. This graphics card takes things to the next level providing you with customizable LED lighting that reacts to sound as you play. You can also make it a steady light, have it flash, pulse or turn it off if lights aren’t your thing. The card can be as flashy or as quiet as you want.

If you are interested in size, then it helps to know this GPU weighs two pounds. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 10.9 inches
  • Height: 5.5 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches

​If you are concerned about security, it’s good to know this GPU has a unique serial number. You can make a note of it in case something happens and use it if you need to either verify purchase or track it down.

Cost Expectations

The GTX 1060 comes from one of the major graphics card manufacturers, MSI. You can pretty much find it almost anywhere you would buy computer parts, including big sellers like Amazon, Newegg, and Best Buy. 

This price puts it in the more expensive range for graphics cards. There are many more that are a lot more expensive, but this is a fairly decent price for the 6G model. A cheaper 3G model is also available if you like the specs and don’t want 6G. Prices of graphics cards have been erratic lately, so make sure to shop around and do your research on where the best place is to buy, so you get the best price.

Comparing the GTX 1060 6GB to Similar Cards

Comparing the GTX 1060 6GB to similar graphics cards is a great way to see what it has to offer. To make this easy on you, we went ahead and did the work to find two similar cards. We provide you with some simple ratings for a few key points and a quick summary of what current users think about each. This will make it easy for you to see how the GTX 1060 6GB measures up against its competitors.

MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1060 6G

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:

​​Overall, the MSI 1060 is a quality product. It is a larger card, so there may be some problems with installation. However, performance gets rave reviews, and it compares well to similar models.


EVGA GeForce GTX 1060

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:

​Overall, this graphics card compares well to the MSI card when it comes to performance. It is a thicker card than the MSI, giving it a hulk-like look that some gamers will prefer. However, it is plain in general, so those looking for flashy units may be disappointed.


Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:

​People like that this card runs cool and fast. It can run at max settings with ease, providing excellent performance. It is a very large card, though, which could cause installation issues. The fan can get in the way as well.


Overall, users seem to be satisfied with this GPU. It provides a solid performance and strong power to get you through games even when it is maxed out. It offers an affordable option for those playing older games. However, if you are playing the newer, more action-filled and graphics-heavy games, then GTX 1060 6GB falls short. Although, as a gamer, you are probably aware of the specifications and are looking at GTX 1060 6GB because that is what you need.

The concerns with this card are based on build quality. While it is made with quality materials and is put together nicely, it is heavy, which can cause issues. Depending on how your computer is configured and where the GPU fits in, you may experience some issues with sag that can be concerning. Ideally, you want your GPU to stand straight and firm. Sag can become an issue, and if it is too great a distortion, it can interfere with performance.

The bottom line with the MSI GTX 1060 6GB is that it is a solid purchase. If you play older games and want smooth performance, this should do a good job. Just be aware that it is heavy, but it is smaller than the other options, so if space is an issue, this may be your best choice. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about running it at max settings as the performance isn’t hurt by higher use. It also delivers on every promise. Overall, this is a great value for you if you are in the market for a GTX 1060 6GB GPU.


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