Best Bluetooth Speakers under 50 Dollars – Buyer’s Guide

A new Bluetooth speaker is one of the best gifts out there in 2017. They’re affordable. They’re super useful. They’re better than ever before. And even your obnoxiously picky boyfriend who “doesn’t want anything for his birthday” would be stoked about this present. We put together a list of our 13 top Bluetooth speakers that you can score for under $50. Now, you’re not going to get the same sound out of these portable Bluetooth speakers as you would a thousand-dollar professional studio speaker. But technology is advancing so rapidly these days that these speakers are incredibly portable and deliver surprisingly high quality audio. And all for less than fifty smackers.

1. Omaker M4


Best for Rocking out in the Shower

Omaker M4 Bluetooth Speaker

At only 3.2 inches across, this teeny Bluetooth speaker surprises us with how much sound it can pump out. With 3W of output power, it’s easy to hear your pre-party theme song over the sound of the shower. Speaking of which, did we mention it’s splash-proof? Super portable, rugged and durable, and designed for easy handling with sturdy plastic and a comfortable, easy-grip design— Omaker has built an incredible amount of versatility into this low-budget speaker. We also love the long battery life (up to 12 hours of continuous play time!). With easy Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC pairing, connecting to any device—including your android or iPhone—is simple and quick.

2. DKnight MagicBox II


Best for Audiophiles


DKnight MagicBox II Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Sound quality doesn’t get better than this without going way up in both size and price point. The MagicBox II is compact but packs a whopping 10W of power with multiple acoustic drivers for rich and even sound, from booming lows to brilliant highs. It boasts the latest Bluetooth 4.0 tech, or if you’re feeling old-school you can hook up with the 3.5mm aux jack. One reviewer described the size as “an elongated juice box;” in other words, this speaker is as portable as they come. The design is solid and high quality, but not as rugged as some. This is a speaker best suited for indoors use, where you can get the most out of it an avoid gumming it up with sand and dust. We love the bright color choices for a little speaker that makes a powerful statement.

3. SoundBot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker


Best for Long Distance Relationships

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

Listen up, lovebirds! If you’re developing cauliflower ear from spending way too much time pressing your poor pinna against a phone, change your life for barely the price of a few Starbucks runs! We love the built-in mic and easy controls of this speaker, so hands-free calling is an absolute cinch. With a sturdy, water-resistant design, the SoundBot can come with you pretty much anywhere. It even has an attached suction cup so you can set it up wherever you go. Bluetooth 3.0 makes this speaker compatible with any Bluetooth device. And the color options, you guys. Hounds tooth, camo, even zebra print. There are 10 different choices. No, you hang up first. Iloveyoumorebye!

4. TaoTronics Stereo Portable Speaker


Best for Getting the Cops Called on Your Party

TaoTronics Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We’re bringing out some of the big guns now. This is still a portable speaker, but it’s solid and hefty—and it puts out some solid, hefty sound, too. The double drivers give out 20w total of acoustic power, and the two bass radiators are so impressive you won’t hear your downstairs neighbors banging on the ceiling. It features the latest Bluetooth 4.0 and universal connectivity with any device. We’re all over this speaker’s sleek aluminum design and its ability to get the party started. You might not want to take this speaker to the beach—it’s not waterproof and it just plain looks too nice—but you’ll love it as an indoor Bluetooth speaker.

5. Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 (Editor’s Pick)


Best for Clear Acoustics

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker under 50 dollars


The Angle 3 is an impressive addition to our list of Bluetooth speakers, and at $27 it’s a great value. The speaker is engineered to be able to handle high amounts of bass and at loud volumes without any distortion. With 10W of acoustic output, it can also be placed either on its side or upright for changing the level of bass. Mid- and high-range tones are crystal clear and accurate, especially for this size of speaker. Water-resistance means you don’t need to worry about taking it outside in the rain, to the pool, or to the beach. We love that it’s the perfect size to plop in your car’s cup holder, and the built-in mic means easy hands-free “Okay Google”ing. Bluetooth and an aux-in jack make this speaker universally compatible with iOS, android, and other operating systems.

6. Anker Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Best for Happy Customers

Anker Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There’s a lot we love about this speaker. First off, it’s the same size and shape as a ring box, so you can keep it in your pocket when you visit your gf’s parents and really freak everyone out. It’s just a cute little cube (3 ounces!) that puts out amazing sound and can be paired with either Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, or regular aux line. It’s got long battery life and a surprisingly full sound with 3W of output power. One of our very favorite things about this speaker is its incredible 18-month warranty and Anker’s excellent customer service.

7. AOMAIS Sport II Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers


Best for Adventurers without Borders

AOMAIS Sport II Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

One look at the AOMAIS Sport II and you know it’s a toughie. Chiseled as Brad Pitt’s chin and compliant with IPx7 ratings, this is a truly waterproof, rugged speaker that can accompany you skiing, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, skinny dipping—you name it. Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and a 3.5mm jack make this speaker easily compatible with any device. We especially love that it comes with a free flotation accessory so you can take it rafting, swimming, kayaking, etc. But keep reading, average Joe. You, too, can enjoy all this #1 best seller has to offer. The speaker boasts room-filling, exceptionally clear sound. It is made to last and comes with a 12-month warranty. You can also hook two of these together for 40W of surround sound—a useful feature that we love.

8. DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Best for Millennials

DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker under 50

Pressing buttons is so 2005. But seriously though, we’re kind of giddy about the touch controls of this sleek-looking Bluetooth speaker. We also love that not only does it come with Bluetooth and an aux-in jack, but you can also insert a Micro SD card to either play music or give it a nifty firmware upgrade. Unique high-performance bass drivers make this 12W speaker sound surprisingly loud and crisp, with just the right amount of bass. Bluetooth 4.0 is a great plus, as is the free waterproof travel pouch that comes with this powerful little speaker.

9. Meidong QQ Chocolate Universal Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers


Best for Crowded Spaces

Meidong QQ Chocolate Universal Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

As a center-channel speaker, the Meidong QQ Chocolate is great at cutting through ambient sound. We love it for watching movies on a road trip when somebody is always whining and somebody else is always complaining that they can’t hear. Pair your tablet with this powerful little Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, and voila! Excellent dialogue and hopefully a little less complaining. (No promises.) This speaker looks great, sounds excellent, and has a unique design that enhances the perceived acoustic power beyond a normal 10W sound. If that sounds like a lot of techno mumbo jumbo to you, just take a look at the 4.5-star Amazon rating and rest assured that you can’t go wrong with this top-selling speaker.

10. AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Best for Forgetting Your Charger

AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For the price and size of this speaker, it really puts out some excellent sound. With double 3W speakers, it can fill a room with clear and powerful sound. It also has a built-in mic and supports hands-free calling. We love the 15-hour battery life and sturdy design. This is a simple, useful speaker without a whole lot of bells and whistles—but what it does it does well.

11. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker


Best for Dance Halls and Fairy Tale Balls

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Okay, let us explain. This is a speaker that can (literally) go the distance. We’re talking about super clear, accurate sound. 24-hour battery life (!!!). A unique patented spiral bass port for super-tight bass. And a Bluetooth range of 66 feet! (Most Bluetooth speakers have about a 30-ft range.) And the aux-in jack means you can daisy-chain multiple speakers together for a huge surround sound experience. So this speaker is perfect for large spaces… or for putting it in the upstairs bathroom and controlling it from the basement. Think of the April Fool’s pranks. And with the unique features and the teensy weensy price, this speaker sure feels like a fairy tale to us.

12. SoundBot SB571 Bluetooth Speaker


Best for iPhone Users

SoundBot SB571 Bluetooth Speaker

Oh, it’s so pretty. This speaker sounds great, is nice and portable, and has both Bluetooth 3.0 and a 3.5mm aux-in jack to connect to any device. Its sleek design and cute color choices make it stand out. One cool feature that we really go for is that you can display the battery level on your iPhone. So you don’t have to wait for Siri to interrupt your dance party with “battery low” before you plug it in and keep jiving.

13. URPOWER Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Best for Visualizing the Sound

URPOWER Portable Bluetooth Speakers

We’re gaga over this disco ball-esque Bluetooth speaker. The LED display has seven different settings for light shows that dance along with your track. If you aren’t already wasting enough time on Snapchat, sit and be mesmerized for a while. It’s strangely addicting. But there is more to this speaker than the admittedly gimmicky (but still super cool) LED show. With amazing sound quality for its itty-bitty size, it also boasts long battery life and a nicely made microphone. The durable casing makes for a comfortable user experience. The speaker controls are intuitive and easy to use. And the price is just so low! Put it in your car and entertain your friends and Uber customers with a psychedelic light show that just might bring on the munchies.