Best Gaming Desks 2018 – Buying Guide

It takes some serious endurance to claim the title of a true, enthusiast PC gamer. Grinding through monsters, ever refining and upgrading your PG rig, searching to always improve your stats… all of this really requires a lot of hours at your desk. And you need a desk that can support your gaming lifestyle. But if you’re confused at the vast quantity of desks built for gaming out there, we totally get it. So, we put together a list of some of the top-quality, best desks for gamers, based on a few important factors. We looked for desks with ample tabletop space, room for multiple monitors, cable management, clean design, quality construction, and a great value. There are desks for every level of gamer—from your most intense expert to the freshest n00b. Look no further for your definitive guide on the best gaming desks of 2017.

1. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk


Best for Tight Spaces

Origami RDE-01 Computer Gaming Desk

Totally loving the simple elegance of this desk. And they call it the Origami for good reason—the frame folds up just like a piece of paper! Perfect for apartments or dorms, this desk is surprisingly strong for as lightweight as it is! It easily supports a dual monitor setup at 47.2” across, and speaking of setup, requires no tools or special instructions. Just unfold it and place the tabletop on the frame. The bottom shelf is both a convenient place to store your CPU tower and a comfy foot rest. While the desk doesn’t come with easy cable management, one clever reviewer wrapped cables around the legs of the desk for a clean, uncluttered look.

2. Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk


Best for Minimalists

Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Gaming Desk

Simple, simple, simple. This is a desk that gets it done without frills or gimmicks. We dig the beautiful, sleek design and the ample leg room. It comes in classic black, teak, and walnut. The steel frame makes this hardy desk able to hold 900 pounds and the specially designed leg pads keep it stable, even if your floor isn’t completely even. Nice for when you’re renting that super old house near campus and your landlord isn’t overly worried about the warped floorboards. And it’s large enough for dual monitors without taking up too much space. Minimalist gamers, rejoice!

3. Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk


Best for Gamers With Multiple Monitor Setups

Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk for Gamers

You spent a lot on that double (triple?) monitor setup. You’re not super enthused about spending even more on desk space! Believe it or not, this L-shaped desk has a 32-inch and a 52.5-inch end, and barely breaks $100. Believe the hype. With over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, it boasts excellent cable management, plenty of storage, and sturdy construction. It’s a great size for gaming because it fits perfectly in any room and sits snug in a corner. If you’re interested in trying an L-shaped desk but don’t want to drop serious cash, this desk is an awesome bet.

4. Sauder Avenue L-Shaped Oak Desk


Best for Luxury

Sauder Avenue L-Shaped Oak Desk for PC Gaming

We’re getting a little fancy Nancy now, and this desk is certainly worth a little extra $$. It’s got all those extra little features that make it SO comfortable to use and a perfect complement to your gaming setup. Locking drawers, a pull-out keyboard tray, a beautiful and elegant dark finish, heavy and strong design built to last, covered storage, cable management, and even a hidden back shelf designed to keep your CPU tower out of sight. Our only caveat is this desk takes a while (and some careful instructions-reading) to put together, so be sure you’ve got a free Saturday before jumping all in with this desk. Definitely the best gaming desk to house your next enthusiast powerhouse PC rig.

5. Atlantic Gaming Desk


Best for Marathoners

Atlantic Gaming Desk

We didn’t know until we saw this product how much we need a desk with a built-in cup holder. This is a great budget desk for the serious gamer. Forget homework, work projects, and other practical, everyday stuff. Putting it simply, this desk is straight up built for gaming. It comes with attached trays for speakers, a charging station, controller hooks, a rack for storing games, a hook for hanging headphones, awesome cable management, and a power-strip holder. Did we mention the cup holder? We hope you have a comfy chair because this is a desk that can power you through your 24-hour WoW sessions with ease. There’s even room on the side for that cup o’noodles you know you shouldn’t be eating. Cheers.

6. Soges L-Shaped Computer Desk


Best for Ikea Lovers

Soges L-Shaped Gaming Computer Desk

The Swede in us can’t get over the simple yet stylish look of this multifunctional desk. Sturdy, with lots of space for a dual monitor setup, it has what you need and doesn’t both with what you don’t. A convenient pull-out keyboard tray makes the desk easy to use, as well as a separate lower shelf designed to hold a CPU tower. We like that the tray can be installed on either side (and you can even add a second tray if that’s your style). The clean design and ample space of this desk totally has us hooked.

7. Need 47″ Teak Computer Desk


Best for Stowing

Need Computer Desk Best for Gaming

We hope you’re thirsty, because this desk comes with a free water bottle. LOL! Seriously, though. You can use it to test the waterproof (and anti-scratch) finish of this teak folding desk. And you can take this baby with you, it’s fully portable! With legs that fold up like an ironing board on steroids, it’s still nice and wide (47.3 inches) for dual monitor gaming and has adjustable leg pads to keep it stable on any surface. The heavy-duty metal frame can stand up to up to 800 pounds and the tabletop is large enough for gaming on the left and working on the right. The look is classic, with a light wood finish and a black frame. A great value if you’re looking for something you can store when not in use but still looks and feels sturdy.

8. BHG Gaming Desk


Best for Space Savers

BHG Gaming Desk

This is a perfect desk for creating that dedicated gaming station. It doesn’t take up much room and isn’t very deep, but it’s the perfect size for a couple of monitors, speakers, and a tablet or two. No, there isn’t space for laying out large projects and doing your homework, but that’s not what you’re here for, are you? It’s got a nice convenient headphone hook and a cross bar that’s just right for resting your feet. And we just love the look of the frame—kind of like two upside-down Ys with some scaffolding. Very Eiffel tower-esque. Modern gamers will love how uncluttered and light it is, and it’s awesome for dorm rooms, bedroom, and small offices.

9. GreenForest L-Shape 3-Piece Computer Desk


Best for Getting the Most out of Your Space

GreenForest L-Shape Gaming Desk

It’s sleek. It’s simple. It’s space-efficient. And it even comes apart into three separate pieces, if that’s what you’re into. This desk is great for maximum use of space in a small room. The corner is rounded so it’s easy to reach the entire desktop, and it’s perfect for dual monitor setups without being cumbersome and bulky. Adjustable legs guarantee a level surface, even on a less-than-even floor. We like the velevety smooth finish and minimalist design.

10. HomCom 48″ Modern Computer Desk


Best for Minimalists 

HomCom Modern Computer Desk

This is a home-run for budget gaming desks—modern, clean, with plenty of desk space and the ability to accommodate a dual monitor setups. We like that it’s designed with a narrower frame and a wider tabletop, so it maximizes tabletop space while saving on floor space. Non-slip feet keep it steady, and the simple design looks great in any room. Especially awesome is that it’s super sturdy and well-built, which is a big deal for the low price! We see these in dorm rooms across the country, and it makes a perfect graduation gift!

11. Denise Austin Phoenix Glass Computer Desk


Best for Dual Monitors

Denise Austin Phoenix Glass Computer Desk

This desk has a unique look that we love. The tempered glass top features a thick black stripe finish, and the design of the frame is both uncluttered and rugged. Made of high quality materials, it’s sturdy and sleek. The desk comes with cable management and it’s the widest straight desk on our list (over 55 inches), making it perfect for multiple monitors. If you aren’t into the L-shaped desks but you’ve got a big setup, this is the perfect monitor to complement your gaming preferences.

12. Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk


Best for Elegance

Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk for PC Gamers

This desk is unique on our list for being the only fully transparent glass desk. And it is L-shaped to boot. This is a gaming desk that gives you exactly what you need without any extra bulk or clutter. It boasts a pull-out keyboard tray, a stand for your CPU tower, and an ultra-strong steel frame. The smooth glass is tempered and strong enough to hold a double or triple monitor gaming setup. We also like that the desk can be separated into two pieces if needed. Simplicity has never been so beautiful.

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