Best Gaming Motherboards on a Budget: A Buyer’s Guide

With PC gaming getting a bigger following every day, more and more people are looking for setups that are budget-friendly but don’t sacrifice quality. Cheap doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad, so with this guide, we have rounded up the top gaming motherboards on a budget that will make a great foundation for your next budget gaming PC build.

Asus A68HM-Plus

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A microATX FM2+ socket motherboard, the Asus A68HM-Plus is a good buy but is limited by some key things. With an FM2+ socket this board is limited to AMD processors which are usually cheaper but less powerful than their Intel counterparts.

With only two ram slots you have the potential for up to 32GB of ram but in reality, you’ll be capped out at 16GB of ram as 2x 16GB ram sticks are well outside the price range of a budget build. The other big annoyance is that with a single PCI-E x16 slot and a single PCI-E x1 slot right below it, you run into the bottom slot being blocked when a bigger graphics card is taking up the top slot.

This isn’t that big a deal however as PCI-E x1 slots are mainly used for things like sound cards or wireless adapters and this problem can be remedied with things you probably already have in your house.

The only real knock on this motherboard though is the lack of future upgrade potential. However, the Asus A68HM-Plus is a great buy for any beginner and as the cheapest motherboard on this list, you can find decent builds for a decent price that use this as the base.

Asrock FM2A88X Pro3+

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Basically an upgraded version of the A68HM-Plus, this is a full-sized FM2+ socket board which is better in basically every way. Starting off we have more RAM slots with 4 slots able to seat up to 32GB of RAM. With two PCI-E x16 slots, this motherboard is capable of doing AMD Crossfire if you happen to have two AMD GPUs lying around, although that is probably unlikely and

I wouldn’t recommend it as one of the PCI-E slots is x4 speed so you won’t be getting the best experience. Also coming with this motherboard is a wealth of various connectors and ports. Eight SATA 3 connectors ensure you can have multiple hard drives or SSDs of your choosing.

On the back of the motherboard are six USB ports so you can have your mouse, keyboard, headset, phone charger, or whatever other accessories you desire plugged in. One annoyance about this motherboard is the lack of an HDMI port which isn’t that big a deal, but slightly inconveniencing given the prevalence of HDMI in TVs and monitors these days.

Overall the Asrock FM2A88X Pro3+ makes a great motherboard for any user from newbie to experienced as there isn’t a lot wrong with it and it has room for upgrades.

The Top Gaming Motherboards on a Budget

Seeing as the motherboard is the foundation of your computer it’s important to pick the one that supports the CPUs you want to use and has the right tools for whatever job you want. All in all though, motherboards make little difference in the actual gaming performance of your PC given that you didn’t buy junk for your other parts. But it’s possible to buy gaming motherboards on a budget and still get quality.

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