Best Gaming Tablets 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Just like the IBM tech guys in the 80s perhaps never thought that decades later there would be portable devices several times more powerful than their most prominent and most advanced computer; Gamers in the 90s would have been blown away if they knew what the future had in store for them, that they, some years down the road, would be able to play some of their favourite game in a light, portable and ergonomic devices without the hassle of expensive and cumbersome desktop PC.

Well, that future is here, and even though you can’t just yet play Crysis 3 or The Witcher 3 on Ultra with a gaming tablet, there are some great mobile options available that will perform buttery smooth in a gaming tablet.

It is an excellent option for mobile games aficionados, casual players or just a fun travel replacement for your PC gaming experience.

Take a look at some of the best gaming tablets currently available in 2018:

1. ASUS ZenPad 3S 10

Best general use tablet for gaming

Asus Zenpad 3S 10 Gaming Tablet

This ASUS ZenPad is an excellent solution for your gaming needs. It is an Android tabled embedded with a powerful Dual-Core 2.1 GHz plus a Quad-Core 1.7 GHz processor ensuring fast and outstanding performance, 4GB of RAM and IMG GX6250 graphics which come together to deliver an impressive gaming experience.

The 2k display makes gaming on this device a pleasant visual experience, as gameplay will look crisp and emerging. 64 GB of Hard-drive will come in handy for your games, but if it proves just not enough for you, a micro-SD card can be added.

The case of aluminum gives it a premium look that just very beautiful to look at. The greatness of the insider components matches its sleek design.

An overall stupendous gaming tablet both sturdy and good looking. It goes for about 300$.

2. Dragon Touch X10

King of the budget android gaming tablets

Dragon Touch X10 Budget Gaming Tablets

Do you think that a gaming table might be expensive for your budget? Look no further than this; the Dragon Touch X10 is the king of cheap tablets! Costing around 100$  it is fully prepared to provide a magnificent compromise between price and performance.

Featuring an Octa-core 2.0 GHz CPU, 1 GB ram (negative side) and Android 5.1 Lollipop is powerful enough to play most mobile games, even though it will take longer to load than other more powerful and costly competitors.

If you are looking to play some games on a tablet, but you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on 300$ or 400$ option, then this is definitely for you. Just don’t expect it to perform unrealistically.


The best dedicated gaming tablet

NVIDIA Shield K1 Gaming Tablet

Being Nvidia, the market leader when it comes to GPUs focused on gaming, no wonder that when they make a gaming tablet, it will exceed expectations. That is what the NVIDIA SHIELD K1 does; it delivers an authentic gamer experience to the consumer.

In what consist that “gamer experience”? You may ask. It merges the familiarity of the Android software with their own to provide exceptional performance and more availability of games.

Full Hd display, 2 GB Ram, a Nvidia Tegra K1 processor consisting of a 192 core – NVIDIA Kepler GPU and 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU come together in the jaw-dropping gaming experience.

However, wait! What’s the use of all this performance boost if I will be limited to the Android store for my games? That is where the Premium Shield gaming library comes in allowing you to buy a wide selection of games on top of those available on the android store.

Do you want to give it a try? Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued, and brand new ones are hard to come by. Anyhow, you can find it used on Amazon from 350$.

4. Apple iPad Pro MLMQ2LL/A

Most Powerful iOS Gaming Tablet

Apple iPad Pro MLMQ2LL:A iOS Gaming Tablet

Known for bringing popularity unto tablets, the iPad is known for their premium quality delivery, and let me tell you; this iPad Pro is no different. Although it is not mainly designed with gaming in mind, it provides an impressive gaming experience, being more than capable of handling all your favorite mobile games. The beautiful 9,7” 2k retina display will make game graphics look astoundingly vivid and colorful, a real wonder to the eye. Battery life can endure up to 10 hours of use, which is impressive for the quality of both the display and the processor.

Overall, the iPad Pro is a solid choice for a gaming tablet and for general use. However, compared to other competitors it is kind of pricy going for about 500$.

5. Lenovo ZA1N0007US Yoga Tab 3 Plus QHD

Excellent Android tablet for demanding games

Lenovo ZA1N0007US Yoga Tab 3 Plus QHD

Delivering superb mid-range tech products, Lenovo did it again with the Lenovo Tab 3 Plus a brilliant tablet for your gaming needs. It is both potent and ergonomic perfect for gaming for extended periods of time. A phenomenal 10.1” Full HD IPS display harvesting the power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and the 3 GB RAM to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. Fast and dynamic gameplay with the crisp graphics is everything you ever need. Also, the up to 18 hours of battery life is amazingly long and will come in handy when gaming on-the-go. The stand included in the tablet is an advantageous feature that facilitates and increases the variety of use, and especially helpful when you are gaming.

Overall, the Lenovo ZA1N0007US Yoga Tab 3 Plus QHD is a stupendous mid-range gaming tablet coming at the cost of 300$.


ASUS ZenPad 3S 10

  • The best general use android tablet you can find to game on. It is sturdy and premium looking. One of the best tablets you can see at its price range.

Dragon Touch X10

  • A truly cheap tablet. It is an excellent compromise between quality components and price. Nevertheless, do not expect it will perform


  • It is without a doubt THE tablet for gamers. Nvidia manages to create a portable product explicitly tailored towards players, and they could not have done it better, offering both a powerful device and an extended gaming service. Unfortunately, it was discontinued and it only available used.

Apple iPad Pro MLMQ2LL/A

  • Apple products at its best, especially for gaming purposes. Beautiful display and wonderful performance, it is a great gaming tablet to have if you are looking for an Apple mid-range device.

Lenovo ZA1N0007US Yoga Tab 3 Plus QHD

  • Great versatile Android tablet by Lenovo. It is ergonomically designed and has excellent performance for a mid-range tablet. Suitable for gaming or for general use. The extended battery life is a big plus to consider, mainly if you need to use it on-the-go.


Gaming Tablet Buyer’s Guide:

What are the features that make a tablet good for gaming?

  • Similarly to PCs, a good tablet for gaming will be one with a robust processor (CPU) and a strong graphics card (GPU). In PCs, these components are separate from each other, but in a tablet the manufacturers use what is called a SoC (System-on-a-chip) solution that includes both a CPU and the GPU. So, if the tablet in question has a good SoC, meaning good CPU and GPU, it will perform great on gaming.

What is the best operating system for gaming? IOS or Android?

  • It depends on your gaming preference. Android has more games, but they often lack the quality and exclusivity of IOS ones. The Apple store receives better curation than the Android one, and game developers are more eager to exclusively develop to their platform, meaning a library of better games. However, Android support game emulation which means you could play games like Pokemon Red or Mario Bros on your gaming tablet through a game boy emulator, while in an Apple product you cannot.

What are the benefits of gaming tablets?

  • Gaming tablets are the best mobile devices you can find to game on. They are often more powerful and have more significant displays than smartphones, so, in a way, are smaller PCs you can effortlessly carry around with you to play some games. Of course, they will not replace the experience a powerful PCs delivers, but they a fun option to play some older os simpler games.


Actually, they are great ways to play classic games on-the-go since they are times more powerful than older consoles and PCs. Reliving the memories of classic PS1, Gameboy or PS2 games on a lightweight, portable device discards the need for the original system and CDs or cartridges the games came in. That is excellent fun, however, keep in mind some games and emulators are not super optimized to play correctly every time, so sure to check if the emulator is compatible with your device or if the game is well adapted to the emulator.

Sadly, emulators are only supported by Android devices so that Apple ones will miss out the classic revival aspect of gaming on a tablet. That is, of course, if the game you are seeking to play wasn’t adapted to the Apple store already.