Best GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card – Buyer’s Guide

Below is our guide on the top GTX 1050 Ti aftermarket cards based on different needs, whether that be performance, value, cooling or even customer support or warranty. Feel free to drop us a question in the comments section if you want to know why we chose a particular card for each. Enjoy!


Best GTX 1050 Ti of 2017 

Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Best Value

The best GTX 1050 available for 2017 needs to be good all around, priced right, and look nice too. For our pick of best 1050, we’re choosing the Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti (4GB). The card shines in a number of factors, arguably the most important is speed. The boost clock on this GPU is an impressive 1506Mhz. Paired with 4Gb of memory, you will have no trouble running most anything on high settings in 1080p. With a pair of Gigabyte’s windforce fans keeping it cool, and a very styling black and red color scheme, this one is the cream of the crop when it comes to the 1050 Ti line!


Best GTX 1050 Ti for Overclocking


For those of us who are always looking to get the very most out of our CPU, GPU and memory, we needed to choose which 1050 Ti was the best for overclocking. This category was taken by ASUS’s ROG STRIX GTX 1050 Ti 4GB card. It comes stock with a 1392 mhz Boost clock, which is a moderate bump up from the stock clock speeds. It’s cooled with super alloy power II, DirectCU II and new ASUS FanConnect technologies. One of the reasons this gets the award for best overclocking is the Impressive cooling features and moderate boost clock speed, giving you a lot of overhead for pushing this GPU. It also comes with the aura sync RGB lighting on the shroud giving it a distinctive and customizable look.


Quietest GTX 1050 Ti

MSI GTX 1050 TI OC edition Quietest GTX 1050 Ti

If you’re looking for a system that can perform, but won’t fill your office or living room with noise pollution, you should pay extra attention to our quietest GTX 1050 Ti category. For the aurally sensitive, we are recommending the MSI GTX 1050 TI OC edition GPU. Don’t be fooled because it’s quiet, either, this single-fan video card packs a full 4Gb of memory, and a boosted clock speed of 1455! MSI keeps the unit cool with a combination of high quality fan, and their military class 4 components, requiring less fan speed to keep cool, and thusly, less noise. Needing only 75watts of power, this tiny little card can still pack a big punch, without you needing to hear about it.


Best GTX 1050 Ti for Customer Support

EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SC Gaming edition Best 1050 Ti for Customer Support

It’s more the brand itself, and not a specific card that wins the award for best Customer Support. We opted to go with the EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SC Gaming edition, since not only is it a fantastic card on it’s own merits, but being an EVGA product, we know the quality is there to back it up for the long haul. Given their already amazing reputation for customer satisfaction, they provide a full 3 year warranty on this card, so you can be sure that if you have any problems at all (even sometimes, problems you may have caused yourself, as a good number of forums seem to indicate), EVGA will have your back, and make sure you’re one of their coveted ‘customers for life’.


Best Value GTX 1050 Ti

Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Best Value

You know a card has to be good if it wins our ‘best of’ award, but in a rare doubly-whammy, we’ve awarded the same card as our best value for 2017 as well! As if the blazing fast speed, 4Gb of ram, and sleek good looks weren’t enough, the Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, takes the crown for best value as well. We touched earlier on why this is a great card to begin with, 1506 boosted GPU speed, 4Gb 128-bit memory, but we also waited to tell you that the best 1050 Ti available now, can be had for only $159.99 (at the time of this writing). With the phenomenal performance Gigabyte gives us on this card, it’s easy to see why at this price point, it’s a winner in every way.


Best Overall Performance GTX 1050 Ti

Zotac GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition

For raw performance, we needed to give credit to Zotac. The best performance award went to the Zotac GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition, which was a real gem of a card. With a base of 1392Mhz, and a boost speed of 1506Mhz, the Zotac card really makes the most of what the 1050 Ti card can be. It comes in possibly the smallest dual-fan video card available, so you never have to worry if it will fit inside your rig, either. With a modest price point of $149.99, it’s a great deal too. There’s really nothing not to like about this powerhouse of a little card, and the performance speaks for itself.


About the GTX 1050 Ti

The 1050 Ti is a card made for the budget gamer or enthusiast who wants a <200 option for solid and nearly maxed out 1080p gaming. All of the 1050 Ti models come with a standard 4Gb of 128-bit GDDR5 memory, and with some overclocked exceptions, no addition power adapter from your power supply is needed for this NVIDIA Pascal chipset. It features 768 CUDA cores and a base clock speed of 1290 on the base edition. There are a lot of options also from each manufacturer for boosted models, some reaching over 1500Mhz boosted clock speeds without any additional over clocking on the user’s side. It is available in low profile, single, and double fan models, with some of the highest power ones requiring a single 6-pin plug for power. Standard PCI x16 3.0, but it does not support SLI. With price points dipping under $140 (or less if you find a good sale or rebate), there is little doubt that for those on a strict budget, or anyone who doesn’t need extreme performance for 4K or VR, this is a solid card with a great price.

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