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best laptop brands


When you’re in the market for a laptop it sometimes can be confusing what brand or specs to look for depending on what your particular needs are. Do you plan to be gaming on your system or is this a work machine? These are questions you need to answer as there’s no sense in spending $1500 on a laptop you only plan to use as a work machine or school. In this guide we are going to help you take the guesswork out of buying a laptop and we will list the best laptop brands – as well as the ones you’ll want to get depending on your needs or budget.




asus logo laptop


Without question, Asus is one of the top names in the computer industry. If you’re looking for top quality laptops then look no further than Asus. A great example of  Asus’ quality laptops includes their Asus ROG GL553VD 15.6 inch gaming laptop. This laptop from Asus offers one of the best performances found in laptop form featuring a Nvidia GTX 1050, 16gb of ram, and a Core I7 7700HQ at 2.8ghz to tackle even the most demanding games on the market today. Asus is the best high-end laptop brand next to Alienware and usually at a fraction of the price with the Asus ROG GL553VD costing $989.

Now don’t worry if you’re looking for a more work related machine Asus has you covered with it’s Asus 12.5 inch Intel Core M-5Y10 laptop. Featuring 4gb of memory, 128gb SSD, and an Intel HD Graphics 5300 you get the power you need for your work related projects at a price you can afford. At just $553 you get the power you need to finish your job at a price point that makes sense.



laptop brand alienware

In the gaming community, Alienware is the absolute top competitor when it comes to your gaming needs. If you’re looking for something to do just work on then Alienware laptops are not what you’re looking for as they are built with blazing speed for the most demanding games on the market at a higher price point. At $2,099 we definitely recommend the Alienware 17 inch laptop which features an Intel Core I7 7820k, Nvidia GTX 1070, 16gb ddr4 of memory, and Windows 10 with the option to change your preferred components as each Alienware laptop can be customized to fit your specific needs.

If you’re looking for the best laptop brand for gaming, Alienware is the name to remember. Also, keep in mind most Alienware products are custom built so you have the option to select the parts you want with the ability to control the price.



Dell Logo

The team at Dell have been smashing it in 2017 with their release of their new XPS line of laptops. Dell is best known for their versatile laptop and desktop systems alike that are good for gaming or work related projects you may have. In fact, Dell is the best laptop brand of 2017, offering a good mix of performance to price ratio. The Dell XPS 15 we highly recommend and is a good example of Dell’s excellent price to performance ratio. Featuring a 7th generation Core I3 7100H processor, 8gb of DDR4 memory, a 500gb hard drive, and a 32gb SSD drive you get the power you need for moderate gaming and a light portable machine that students can carry to their classes without adding a bunch of weight for them to carry.

The Dell XPS 15 starts at a low $999 and can go up to $1,700 depending on your desired selection of parts. Just like Alienware the Dell XPS 15 can be customized to fit your needs and price point offering flexibility for gaming or classes for students alike. With Dell, you won’t be disappointed.


HP (Hewlett-Packard)

hp laptop brand

HP is another one of those brands that offer a good mix of performance and value. While HP laptops can be used for a variety of different things HP is the best laptop brand for work related task. Their portable, lightweight, and efficient to get your work done fast so you can enjoy life with friends and family. We recommend the HP ProBook 450 which is a good choice if you’re looking for a good work powerhouse laptop. Featuring Windows 10, built-in security, and a variety of multi-core CPU’s you just can’t beat HP for your work related needs.

The HP ProBook 450 starts at $809 and can go higher depending on the items you select to be in your particular laptop. You won’t be disappointed with the HP product you chose.



razer laptop brand

Razer is best known for many of its gaming products such as keyboards, mouses, and headphone gear. Many people aren’t aware that Razer also makes laptop’s as well. Just like Alienware systems, Razer laptops are built more for gaming in mind but can be used for a wide variety of things such as for work, school, or everyday internet browsing. In fact, Razer is another one of the best laptop gaming brands you’ll want to consider when looking for your gaming needs. We recommend the Razer Blade Stealth laptops which are ultra thin, very light, and have a 4k display giving you ultra real pictures to enhance your gaming experience.

As you look deeper into Razer’s Blade Stealth laptop, you’ll notice it’s powered by an Intel Core I7 7500U, 16gb of dual channel memory, and a 1TB SSD drive for blazing read/write speeds to keep you playing rather than in the loading screens. The starting price is around $1,000 and can go higher depending on your needs.



Apple Laptop Brand

Apple is often regarded as the most reliable laptop brand on the market. Their products are high end, made of high-quality components, but they’re not really Ideal for gaming usually do to using a different operating system other than Microsoft Windows that most game developers don’t use. Despite this small con, Apple laptops are perfect for work related task and video editing. We highly recommend The MacBook Pro which is Apple’s golden gem for the video editing community, featuring 15 inch and 13-inch models, 130% faster graphics, 3.8ghz turbo boost CPU, and up to ten hours of battery life surpassing its predecessor.

At a starting price of about $1,100, you get a video editing powerhouse from one of the most reliable laptop brands on the market at a price that just makes sense.




If you ask anyone what the best laptop brand for business is most people are quick to mention Lenovo. We recommend the Lenovo ThinkPad T series that offers a good mix of value and performance featuring a 6th generation Intel Core I7 processor, 24 hours of battery life, 32gb of memory, 512gb SSD drive, and Windows 10 at a starting price of $818 with higher prices depending on your desired needs. Whether starting a business or working for a well-renowned company Lenovo laptops have your needs covered.

It’s important to note just like other companies such as Alienware and Razer, Lenovo laptops can be used for other activities such as light gaming and everyday internet browsing just remember they’re not built for these activities in mind.



LG laptops

If you’re looking for the best value laptop brand for your everyday needs such as simple typing work or internet browsing then an LG laptop is what you’re looking for. LG laptops are the perfect systems for those that need a laptop to perform basic functions at a very affordable cost. One such laptop that we definitely recommend is the LG Gram 13 inch that features an Intel Core I5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 5500, 128gb SSD drive, an 8-hour battery life, and an excellent one year warranty backed by the best value laptop brand in the industry.

The LG Gram 13 inch starts at a low price of $799 making it more affordable than the more expensive products mentioned previously such as Alienware or Razer. If you need a laptop for everyday use then LG is the name you want to remember.



acer laptop brand

Coming back up to the mid to high-level range we have Acer which is another brand known for being one of the best value laptop brands on the market but focuses more on the mid to high-level market for those that need a little more from their laptops. If you’re also a fan of Google or Google Chrome then you’ll be excited about the Acer Chromebook 15 which we highly recommend. Featuring an Intel Celeron processor and a system built around Google Chrome you get to things with a speed not seen within the mid to high-end range of laptops.

To make things even better the Acer Chromebook 15 starts at a very low price of $260 making it a sweet deal for those on a budget but still need a workhorse laptop to perform their task.




samsung laptop brand


Samsung is known for making a variety of components that include TV’s, stereo systems, and laptops that are aimed towards college students putting Samsung in the best laptop for students category. We recommend  the Samsung Notebook 9 15 inch which is a perfect balance between being lightweight yet still packing the power you need to get your school work done. Featuring Windows 10, 12-hour battery life, Intel Core I7 processor, and ultra thin design to make it easy to transport from home to school. The Samsung Notebook 9 starts at a price of $999 and can go up from there depending on your budget and desired specs.

If you’re a student and need something lightweight that you can transport easily while still having all the functions you need then a Samsung laptop especially the Samsung Notebook 9 is what you’re looking for.



MSI logo

MSI is another company that makes its way into the best laptop brand for gaming category. First, it’s important to mention that most MSI laptops are made with gaming in mind so they tend to be fairly heavy and aren’t necessarily ideal for carrying back and forth to work or school. With that said if you’re a gamer at heart and want the best experience money can buy than MSI has you covered. Just like Alienware, We recommend MSI gaming laptops because they are customizable from the type of CPU, graphics card, hard drive size, and the amount of memory. Do you want an Intel Core I7 or Core I5? Maybe you want a Nvidia GTX 1080? Whatever your desired needs are MSI can put a laptop together to meet your needs.

The cost of a laptop can range anywhere from $980 to $2,500 depending on your selected hardware. The higher end price tends to be more for those that opt for an SLI GTX 1080 type setup and the higher end Intel Core I7 Chips. It can’t be emphasized enough that these units tend to be heavy usually around 7lbs to 10lbs so their not the best for everyday trips to school or work.


Recommended Laptops From Each Brand 

  • Asus- Asus ROG GL553VD.
  • Alienware- Alienware 17 inch laptop with custom options.
  • Dell- Dell XPS 15.
  • HP(Hewlett-Packard)- HP ProBook 450.
  • Razer- Razer Blade Stealth.
  • Apple- MacBook Pro.
  • Lenovo- Lenovo ThinkPad T Series.
  • LG- LG Gram 13 Inch.
  • Acer- Acer Chromebook 15 inch.
  • Samsung- Samsung Notebook 9 15 inches.
  • MSI- Any of their customizable laptops.


Taking Out The Guesswork Of Buying A Laptop In 2017

When it comes to picking the right laptop for your needs it’s important to remember you need to look at what your specific needs are such as do you plan to use your system for gaming? Is this going to be a strict work or school related machine? Depending on the answer to these questions you will have a better idea as to which brand you need to go with. Alienware, MSI, and Razer are going to be your main gaming options, all other brands will be more focused on school, work, or casual use. Regardless of what you do, take the time to make the right decision as the decision you make now can have major impacts on the future longevity of the particular laptop you pick. Don’t wait any longer! Get started shopping Today!.


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