Best Monitor Stands 2018 [UPDATED]

The monitor stand can easily be overlooked when it comes to choosing the monitor for you. You can have the greatest monitor in the world but if the stand can barely support it and it doesn’t offer the flexibility you need you are left with a fundamentally unsatisfactory piece of kit. Thankfully a lot of the more high end monitors come with fantastic stands that offer nice vertical and horizontal positioning but some skimp and are left needing a replacement. Maybe you have multiple monitors and you’d like to have them mounted on the wall rather than sit on a desk and take up space.

Thankfully with standards like VESA, sorting out a stand replacement isn’t all that difficult, just find the VESA mount that fits your monitor and you are good to go. In this list we will go through single, double, triple, quad, hex and work centric monitor stands. There is certainly something for everyone in this list. If there any stands that have been missed out that you feel deserve a mention, then feel free to leave a comment below.

Single Monitor Stands

Mount-It! Monitor Arm Single – $27

Mount-It! Monitor Arm Single Monitor Stand

Mount-It! Have quite the selection to choose from on Amazon and their single monitor arm is a nice and well thought out design at a very attractive price point. This stand supports monitors up to 32 inches in size, which is more than enough for a PC monitor. The stand allows you to rotate the monitor and use it in a portrait position, there is also support for tilting. This stand has two ways of mounting. It comes with a clamp that fits on the edge of your desk, so there is no need to be drilling holes in the wall. If your desk has cable grommets there is also a mounting mechanism to mount perfectly in the holes. A nice addition.

Weltraum Premium Aluminium Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount – $60

Single Monitor Stand Weltraum Premium Aluminium Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount

The Weltraum is a bit more a of a premium choice (hence the name) coming in at sixty dollars but for that money you get a lot of flexibility and quality. The stand has four points of articulation, two of which offer full 360 degree rotation, so you can have your monitor any which way you want. There is also the ability for tilting the monitor and having it face at any direction perpendicular to the arm itself. It has a nice aluminium construction and you even get the choice of grey or white. There is support for monitors up to 27 inches, plenty large for your average PC monitor. Similar to the Mount-It! Stand, the Weltraum mounts either on the edge of your desk with a clamp or through a desk grommet. The gas spring mechanism allows the stand to easily adjust to different monitor weights, meaning sag isn’t so much of a problem. It may be expensive but if you want a fully featured single monitor stand, this is the choice for you.

Double Monitor Stands

VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount – $33

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount

Many of the dual monitor stands are of a similar design to their single monitor cousins and the Vivo version is a great budget choice. It mounts on a desk through either a desk clamp or desk grommet design. The stand fits up to 27 inch monitors and allows for both portrait and landscape monitor orientations, which for the money, is a great feature. Another nice addition is the cable management system, which allows you to neatly route your cables through plastic clamps. If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful choice, you could do a lot worse than the VIVO stand.

Loctek Gas Spring Dual LCD Arm Desk Monitor Mount – $67

Loctek Gas Spring Dual LCD Arm Desk Two Monitor Mount

This is the more expensive option and the design really shows that. The attention to detail put into the design makes you feel a lot more comfortable mounting your expensive equipment on it. The gas spring allows the stand to adjust on the fly to the weight of the monitors attached to it. Another nice feature is the ability to adjust the tension of the arms, so you can make the movement as stiff or loose as you like. The Loctek can support monitors up to 27 inches in size and supports any orientation you can think of. It mounts by gripping the edge of your desk or fitting in a grommet, the clamping mechanism looks very sturdy and will surely keep your monitors well supported.

Triple Monitor Stands

Mount-It! MI-773 – $66

Mount-It! MI-773 Triple Monitor Stand

Of course the more monitors you have the more expensive the stands get but the price is still very acceptable considering the amount of attention to detail that goes into them. The MI-753 is a great stand for the price. The stand fits up to three 27 inch monitors, which is impressive for the money, many stands in this price range fit up to a max of 24 inches. The clamping mechanism has to be really well thought out to support such large and heavy equipment and the MI-773 does this by using two clamps rather than one. There is support for both portrait and landscape and plenty of articulation giving you full control of how you lay out your three monitors.

SIIG Premium Aluminium Triple Monitor Stand – $115

SIIG Premium Aluminium Triple Monitor Stand

This may be out of some people’s price range but you get a lot for your money with this SIIG stand. It supports up to three 27 inch monitors and unlike the other stands on this list, it uses the traditional wide base approach. Another unique feature is the ability to adjust the overall height of the stand, useful for ergonomic purposes. The aluminium construction makes it a really solid product overall, a very well thought out product overall. There is a well laid out cable management system to keep it looking tidy too. There is full 360 degree rotation as well. The SIIG is quite expensive but it will most definitely keep your monitors safe.

Quad Monitor Stands

KRIËGER KL4327 – $60

KRIËGER KL4327 4 Monitor Stand

This is a very well put together stand for the money, providing that the conventional wide base it uses is something you are looking for and can accommodate. This stand goes for a square layout and fits up to four 27 inch monitors. It features full swivel and 360 degree rotation for all monitors. A nice cable management system is included too, very useful for the number of cables that so many monitors use. A very well designed piece of kit for a great price, a very nice choice.

VIVO Quad LCD Monitor Heavy Duty Desk Mount – $80

VIVO Quad Monitor Heavy Duty Desk Mount

Moving into quad territory means there is a choice as to how you want your monitors arrange. This stand goes for three side by side and one up top. This stand mounts via a clamp on your desk or through a desk grommet and supports monitors up to 27 inches in size. It features full 360 degree rotation for all of the monitors so there is a lot of play there to see how you like yours set up. Construction wise, it uses solid steel and aluminium a nice mix for maximum stability.  For the money and orientation, it is certainly a great choice.

Hex Monitor Stands

MonMount LCD-2060 – $147

MonMount LCD-2060 6 Monitor Arm Stand

Hex monitor stands are very expensive but odds are if you have to use that many monitors, money isn’t such a big concern. This MonMount stand has a really sturdy looking design, with nice metal packed arms for mounting your monitors on. The only downside to this stand is that the max monitor size is 24 inches but if that is the max you are looking at this MonMount stand is a great choice. There isn’t any rotation but there is tilt and swivel. It mounts through desk clamp with two points of contact, making sure there is enough grip there to support so many monitors.

EasyMountLCD EZM Deluxe – $153

EasyMountLCD EZM Deluxe Hex Monitor Stand

The EasyMountLCD Hex stand uses a wide desk stand to support all of your monitors. The sturdy metal frame will easily be able to support a very heavy load. There is support for full 360 rotation as well as swivel, so you can really get your setup how you like it. The max size is 28 inches per monitor, so you can really go wild if you have the equipment. Overall a really well designed monitor stand that will do a great job at letting you get your set up just how you like it.

Business Monitor Stands

North Bayou Full Motion Desk Mount – $37

North Bayou Full Motion Desk Mount Monitor Stand for Business

If you are looking for a versatile and ergonomic stand for the office, the North Bayou is a great choice for just 37 dollars. It operates with a gas spring in just its singular arm that wouldn’t look out of place in a car factory. It mounts by either clamping to your desk or through a grommet, and it looks really tidy if you opt for the latter part. It offers a 350 degree swivel for the base and further up full 360 degree so you can move the monitor about as you see fit. It also supports both portrait and landscape, great for programmers. Monitors of up to 27 inches are supported as well. This stand offers a great bang for your buck.

AmazonBasics LCD Monitor Riser – $43

AmazonBasics LCD Monitor Riser

Probably the most traditional looking stand on this list, if you aren’t looking for anything fancy then this offering from Amazon is a great choice. It offers swivel, panning, tilt, height adjustment and full 360 degree rotation without looking out of place in an office. The max size is 24 inches, probably the only negative about this solid piece of kit. If you are looking for a really nice ergonomic stand the AmazonBasics is a nice and understated choice.

There is a lot of thought that goes into the design of a monitor stand, a lot of expensive equipment needs to be supported. Once find the one for you and get your set up just how you like it, it can really improve productivity and your overall desktop experience.

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