Best Party Speakers – Buyer’s Guide

The effervescent Julia Child said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” And a party without music is … well, just awkward. Don’t be that guy, guy. Get your sound together with one of our 10 best party speakers. If you’re just looking for a chill-and-go kind of speaker, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for something more for gigs or DJing, keep reading. And if you’re an audiophile with a discerning ear, then here’s looking at you, kid. We’ve done the research. We’ve checked out features, prices, durability, size, styles, range, and sound quality to get you the 10 best speakers for any kind of party and any kind of partier.

1. Rockville RPG122k

Rockville RPG122k Party Speakers

Best for Wedding Season

Parties are best in surround sound, and these 12-inch dual speakers take that to the next level! With impressive volume and far-reaching range, these powerful 1000-watt speakers are perfect for large gatherings and outdoor to-dos. They’re heavy and they’re high-quality, and we like that they sit on top of sturdy stands, out of the way. We also like the included microphone for karaoke nights or DJing (or that best man speech). The Bluetooth is super easy to pair and holds up without any skipping or blips, and it also includes an SD slot, USB port, AUX jack, and FM radio for other listening options. We’re impressed with the high-quality sound that comes out of these speakers, especially considering the price range.

2. Behringer Eurolive B205D

Behringer Eurolive B205D Party Speakers

Best for Roadies

This isn’t the largest speaker on our list, but it is impressively loud and clear with only a 5.25” driver. This floor wedge has a custom designed and precision engineered driver that’s perfect for audiophiles and musicians. We especially love it for live sound monitoring and recording because of the ultra-low noise output and accurate feedback, as well as the dual preamps, offering phantom power for attaching a condenser mic and an instrument. And at only 7 pounds, this is a portable speaker you can take with you anywhere, and it packs incredible audio punch in only 150 watts with state-of-the art Class-D amp technology. This is the perfect speaker for getting the most out of your poundage, and it fits out of the way in those tight corners. Win-win!

3. Proreck Party 12inch PA Speakers

Proreck Party 12inch PA Speakers

Best for DJs

This is an everything-included, just-set-it-up-and-rock kind of package. The dual 12-inch speakers come with solid tripod stands, microphone, remote control, and all the cords you might need to connect your devices. We also love that you can easily pair with Bluetooth. These speakers are ultra-versatile with dual inputs for XLR or ¼” mics, as well as RCA stereo jacks, an SD card slot, and a USB port, not to mention an FM radio option, so there’s nothing these speakers can’t do. Backside controls allow customization of mic levels, bass, treble, and volume, and an LCD screen makes adjusting sound easy. This is a set of pro speakers made for an amateur’s wallet. One of our favorite features is the wheels, so they roll just like a suitcase. Take it outside for the block party, or pump the music indoors. Thank you, Proreck!

4. ION Audio Party Rocker Plus

ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Party Speakers

Best for Getting Invited to ALL the Parties

Yeah, baby! It’s hard not to love a speaker with a built-in light show. Did you ever think they’d find a way to digitize the disco ball? A free app allows customizing the lights to dance with your music, and easy controls from anywhere. And of course, this speaker is Bluetooth enabled for convenience, but it includes an AUX jack as well. An attached microphone ups the fun to karaoke level. Works great plugged in but also has a portable battery. Wheels and a handle make it a great option for carrying with you. The greatest part? The sound quality is amazing! This speaker alone will get the party started, and you’ll soon be getting asked to bring it everywhere.

5. BEHRINGER Eurolive B1200D-Pro

BEHRINGER Eurolive B1200D-Pro Best Speakers for Parties

Best for Movable Bass

What? I can’t hear you over the blood-boiling bass of this subwoofer! Hook it up for an extra pump of deep, clean bass. For its size and cost, this is an unbeatable deal to get your party TURNT. We all know that the larger the subwoofer, the better the bass (usually), but this small sub almost defies the laws of physics with the quality of low-end frequencies produced from only a 12” driver. The built-in stereo crossover ensures REAL bass, and we love how ruggedly built and solidly engineered this little subwoofer is. We wouldn’t necessarily use this subwoofer alone (it is a subwoofer, after all), but it’ll sit in shotgun like an absolute pro.

6. Soundlogic XT Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Soundlogic XT Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Best for Anytime, Anywhere

Your average, everyday party-goer isn’t necessarily looking to shell out over $100 on a speaker. If you’re looking for music to fill the room on a budget, we suggest taking a look at this Soundlogic speaker. Waterproof and a mere two pounds, it’s perfect for throwing in your backpack for a pool day, a camping trip, or anywhere you might want a soundtrack. Nobody wants to dance to your Pixel’s tinny speaker, but this indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker is hardly any bigger than a cell phone and boasts a subwoofer and incredibly clear, powerful sound from such a little package. We love the built-in rechargeable battery and included shoulder strap—for those who want to old-school boombox it down the street. It’s also simple to connect via Bluetooth, USB, AUX, or SD card. If your fun, chill roommate were a speaker, he would be this one. But with a mute button. Zing.

7. Pyle Bluetooth Loudspeaker

Pyle Bluetooth Loudspeaker for Party

Best for House Parties

There’s just so much to love about the Pyle Bluetooth Loudspeaker. Bluetooth capabilities, an AUX jack, an SD slot, a USB port, line and mic inputs, and a remote control make connecting and playing your music a cinch. It looks and functions like a high-end speaker but comes at a fraction of the price. We love the rugged construction, surprisingly loud volume, and crystal clear sound we get from this speaker. The 8” speaker is fabulous for most get-togethers, but if you’re looking for something for a large venue, Pyle offers this same speaker in sizes up to 15 inches for extra reach and volume.

8. Sony-ZS-BTG905 (Editor’s Pick)

Sony-ZS-BTG905 Party Speakers

Best for Endless Features

If you’re a 90s baby, you might remember rocking out to the Backstreet Boys on your Sony boombox. We kind of miss those days…. And we LOVE that Sony has given the boombox a total futuristic facelift with this model. Easy to pair with Bluetooth or NFC, it also has the classic CD player and AM/FM radio functions as well as a USB port and AUX jack for listening all sorts of ways. Plug it in or go mobile, as this baby is battery-powered and even has a carrying handle. And the sound! Sony has also included preset woofer modes, for just the right amount of bass for different sounds. We love the crisp, clear sound quality and rounded bass that this speaker offers. And it doesn’t look too shabby, either. This is a well-rounded speaker that will turn both heads and ears.

9. URPower Bluetooth Speakers

URPower Bluetooth Speakers Party Speakers

Best for Dorm Parties

Impress your friends, roommates, relatives, and even your RA with a Bluetooth speaker that turns your phone into a light show. And for less than $20, it can make a dance party out of even the humblest abode. (Who knows the last time those sheets were changed? Who cares? Something shiny!) But seriously, guys, we’re so impressed with the great sound quality and volume that comes from such a tiny speaker, and it’s even got a microphone and hands-free functionality. Great for getting the most out of your devices. Also fun that the disco ball effect has 7 customizable settings for anybody’s taste, and the rechargeable battery boasts up to 6 hours of continuous play time! It’s not much of an investment, and we think you’ll quickly become attached to this loveable little guy. Good things and small packages, amiright?

10. Anker Premium Stereo Speaker

Anker Premium Stereo Speaker

Best for an All-around Good Time

Saved (one of) the best for last. This Amazon #1 Best Seller earned its title with over 1500 5-star reviews. Among other things, reviewers praise this speaker for its smooth Bluetooth 4.0 connection, long battery life (up to 8 hours play), solid construction, awesome range of frequencies, crystal clear sound, excellent bass, and compact size. We compare the sound quality to models much bigger and more expensive. The only potential downside is only one AUX line in, but the cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.0 connection is so smooth, with no drops or distortion, that we actually think it’s quite nice for simplicity’s sake. The speaker is sleek, clean, and perfect for turning any gathering into a party—or, PAR-TAY!

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