AMD X470 Motherboard List 2018 (Updated) + Best X470 Motherboard Predictions

With the release of the updated Ryzen Zen+ CPUs, the first X470 motherboards built for the 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs are beginning to surface and leak onto the internet. The main difference between the 1st generation and 2nd generation of AMD Ryzen CPUs is that Ryzen Zen+/2 supports better memory support and faster memory up to 3466MHz, providing improved compatibility for more powerful memory kits on the market.

x470 motherboards 2018

Recently a number of Asus X470 motherboards were leaked onto hardware forums, such as the Prime X470-Pro, Strix X470-F Gaming and Asus TUF X470 Plus Gaming. These motherboards show changes from the previous generation X370 motherboards such as an increase of M.2 slots to dual M.2 compared to a single M.2 slot in X370 motherboards. Other changes in the X470 vs X370 platform include an improved VRM layout to help drive higher CPU overclocks, reduced idle power of now less than 2W and bottable NVMe RAID compatibility.

With X470 scheduled to be release as early as April 2018, here I round up all current announced, or leaked, X470 motherboards and also give my early verdict on which I think is the best X470 motherboards looking at features and potential pricing.


X470 Motherboard List (Updated)


ASRock X470 Motherboards:

Asrock X470 Fatal1ty Gaming ITXac


x470 motherboards 2018


Gigabyte X470 Motherboard Leak



Early prediction on the Best X470 Motherboard – ASRock Taichi Ultimate


I know it’s way to early to name any X470 motherboard as the best one without getting our hands on one but looking at features and recent reputation of their boards we think the ASRock Taichi Ultimate may take the claim of the best X470 motherboard in 2018. The main advantage we see in the Taichi ultimate over other X470 motherboards include a AQUANTIA 10GbE port, allowing for blazing fast internet speeds of up to 10Gb/s. Other features packed onto this motherboard include Dual M.2, eight SATA3 ports, and 3 x16 lanes. No word on pricing yet, but judging by previous generation iterations we expect this X470 motherboard to be north of $250 USD and released in mid 2018. One to definitely keep an eye on if your looking to do a X470 build in 2018.

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