G-SYNC Monitor List 2018

g-sync monitor list


Here is our *updated* list of new G-SYNC monitors available in 2017. We are doing our best to keep this list as updated to possible with the latest G-SYNC monitors, but if you do spot a monitor that ISN’T on this list, please let us know (in the comments or by email) and we will get this G-SYNC monitor list updated. Enjoy!


*Unofficial* G-SYNC Monitor List

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What is G-SYNC?

G sync is actually a very simple concept. To explain the concept as simply as possible, lets say there is a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate. The monitor is drawing pictures 60 times a second, but when playing a game there will be framerate variation, for example varying between 30-60Hz. When a game renders at 40Hz but the screen is updating at 60Hz, what does this mean? It turns out that render frames sit at a buffer in the GPU, and the display doesn’t know about this – its completely asynchronous to whats going on in the GPU render rate. Nvidia G-SYNC sends these images to the display, the old image twice, so if you are running 40FPS on a 60Hz display, 20 times a second the frame is repeated. This reduces stutter when G-SYNC as the technology matches the monitor refresh to the GPU render rate. The end result is tear-free, super smooth performance when gaming on a G-SYNC monitor. G-SYNC is a collection of hardware and software that matches the variable GPU render rate to the monitor refresh rate.


Benefits of G-SYNC?

The main benefits of G-SYNC technology include:

  • Reduction of frame-tearing
  • Smoother gameplay experience
  • Matches monitor refresh rate to GPU render rate


G-SYNC Monitor Refresh Rate/Resolution Combinations

  • 1080p 144Hz G-SYNC Monitor
  • 1080p 165Hz G-SYNC Monitor
  • 1080p 240Hz G-SYNC Monitor (New in 2017 G-SYNC Monitors)
  • 1440p 100Hz G-SYNC Monitors
  • 1440p 144Hz G-SYNC Monitors (New in 2017 G-SYNC Monitors)
  • 4K 60Hz G-SYNC Monitor
  • 4k 144Hz G-SYNC Monitor (New in 2017 G-SYNC Monitors)
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