10 Video Game World-Record Breaking Moments You Won’t Beat

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As a gamer, you strive to get that high score in any game you play. 

You’ve probably wondered at some point if you were the best in the game that you dominate against family, friends, and your online competition.

From Guitar Hero to Fifa, Minecraft and Super Mario Bros, here are some of the highest scores for 10 of the most interesting video game world records.

Let’s see what you can do and one day you could be on this.

Diving Deeper Into 10 Interesting Video Game World Records

Can you believe just how many video game world records there are? These 10 are just a small slice of the thousands out there. It’s crazy to think just how much people have been able to accomplish with video games since their initial creation in 1958.

But how in the world did these people get so good? What did they have to do in order to hold the title of video game world record holder?

Let’s dive in a little further to each of these records to see just what brought these gamers from fans to champions.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

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The original Guitar Hero game was released back in 2005, almost immediately becoming a sensation with its guitar-shaped controller. Players were able to strum along to some of the most iconic rock songs in history from the comfort of their own couch.

The true beauty of this game is that you do not have to know how to play the guitar in order to play. Colored “notes” appear on the screen that corresponds to the colored buttons featured on your guitar. By pressing the right fret button, along with the strum bar, just as the note comes to the edge of the screen allows you to become one with the music.

Sounds pretty simple, right? And at first, it might be.

The easy mode only has three buttons coming at you, all of which travel at a slow and mellow pace. However, as you progress, the difficulty goes from manageable to simply impossible.

Unless you’re someone like Annie Leung, who achieved the highest score on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for a female gamer in 2010. Annie played the most difficult song on the game, “Through the Fire and Flames” on expert mode to reach the recording-breaking score of 789,349.

Set on a mission to get more women involved in the competitive gaming world, Annie took to the Guitar Hero series pretty early on. After beginning her serious gaming career back in 2004, she decided to enhance her skills not only to prove that she was a great female gamer but a great gamer, period.

Just Dance

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Gaming is fun, but isn’t it more fun when you can move around to the beat? The Just Dance series allows gamers to do just that. Like many other rhythm games, the object of Just Dance is to perfectly time your dance moves to hit the right moves as precisely the right time.

Just Dance has had multiple iterations, with a new game coming out every year. These new games, often including the year onto the end of the title, allow players to enjoy modern, contemporary songs along with new dance moves year after year. You can dance along to the new Ariana Grande song and bring it back to the classic Chicken Dance anytime you wish.

But how long could you really play this game for? Couple hours maybe? How about 138 hours?

Carrie Swidecki had been breaking world records for quite some time, having set video game dance records for a number of years prior to this attempt. She even set the records for the longest video game marathon on a dance game before her attempt.

But this teacher had bigger goals in mind. In 2015, she broke the previous record for longest video game marathon, playing Just Dance 2015 for 138 hours and 34 seconds. That’s nearly six straight days of gaming!

The best part about her victory is that she streamed the entire event on Twitch to raise money for the ExtraLife4Kids foundation. She ended up raising over $7,000 for charity while claiming the world record title.

Street Fighter V

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Straight punch! Backflip! Fatality! For those who love being able to get all their aggression out in video games, you’ve probably played a Street Fighter game or two. This series allows you to select from a variety of characters to punch out your opponent, which could be either a computer or another player.

The Street Fighter series is probably most known for its fatality attacks. After you successfully defeat your opponent, which is determined in rounds with the best two out of three player selected as the victor, the winner can perform a fatality attack. Each attack is unique to the character and will either gruesomely, or hilariously, perform a finishing blow to your opponent.

Someone who’s hardly ever seen a fatality performed on his character is Ryan Hart. Back in 2016, this guy broke the world record for the most consecutive opponents fought in Street Fighter V. He managed to have the longest win streak for this game by successfully defeating 260 opponents in a row in a single 11-hour play session.

However, his achievements don’t stop there. Ryan has been known worldwide as an incredibly gifted Street Fighter gamer. He has won a number of world record titles over the years and has claimed victory at numerous gaming competitions. No matter which Street Fighter he plays, Ryan always seems to have the magic touch that leads him to victory.


It would be pretty hard not to be familiar with the title Minecraft this day and age. The game grew widely popular thanks to the help of YouTube gamers and its dynamic format. The game itself consists of multiple gameplay angles, which can include building, creating, and surviving.

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In this pixelated realm, you can place blocks of different materials in unique fashions to build homes, towers, or replicas of famous figures. You can also go on adventures and explore the land, attempting to avoid getting attacked by creepers. It’s simple in concept, fun for all ages, and has the ability to bring forward countless hours of fun.

Its unique versatility is likely why so many of the famous video game world records were created playing this game. On our list alone, we have three incredible gamers who have taken Minecraft to the next level.

The first is a gamer named Frycook Four. They jumped their way to victory by setting up a line of blocks through the game. They then completed 1,800 two-block jumps (the length of two blocks between each stopping point) to claim the world record for the most consecutive two-block gap jumps.

Another fantastic Minecraft gamer is Joseph Garrett, better known as the YouTube personality, Stampy Cat. Stampy Cat achieved great success early on with his creative Minecraft YouTube videos. With a great personality, funny demeanor, and intense love for cakes, he set out to break a world record like no other.

With the help of his trusty computer by his side, Stampy Cat crushed the world record for the fastest time to make and display ten cakes in Minecraft on a PC. He was able to do this in exactly 3 minutes and 51 seconds. Not only did he get to take home a world record, but he then had ten delicious Minecraft cakes to enjoy in-game.

YouTube truly did bring a lot of great Minecrafters to our attention, like our third record holder, SeaPeeKay. Also known as Callum Knight, this YouTuber is no stranger to world record realm. He had previously set a record for the fastest time to build a house in survival mode in just 3 minutes and 54 seconds.

But that wasn’t enough; he wanted to move on to bigger, better, and tougher challenges. Which is why he then decided to see just how fast he could build a castle. 

With only 4 minutes and 20 seconds, he successfully marked himself as the video game world record holder for the fastest castle build in creative mode in Minecraft.

FIFA World Cup 2010

Goal! There is nothing quite like crossing people’s love for sports with their love for video games. Games like FIFA World Cup allow people to get out and play their favorite sports, even if they are not physically able to.

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In the FIFA World Cup 2010 game, players can select their teams and compete against each other to win in the ultimate soccer match. This can be played individually or with other players by your side.

Generally, when we think about playing video games with our friends, we think about having two, maybe four controllers out at a time. Each person has their own controller, and they all compete against each other. But what if we multiplied those four controllers by 20?

To conquer the video game world record for the most participants in a single soccer game, 82 different players got together to play FIFA World Cup 2010. Keep in mind that a regular soccer team has 11 players on each team. That’s about four times the number of players in a single virtual soccer game!

If you’ve ever seen or heard about Dark Souls before, you know just what a challenging game this beast can be. It has some of the most breathtaking graphics to date and has gamers across the globe raving about its gameplay.

What this action-packed RPG has been most known for is its extreme level of difficulty. It’s the type of game that keeps you smashing keys in frustration, but ultimately hungry with excitement every time you play.

To prove that the game is more than its difficulty, a Canadian gamer known as Bearzly, also known as Benjamin Gwin, set out to defeat the game in a whole new way. After watching a number of players on YouTube try out some wacky Dark Souls challenges, he thought he’d step it up a notch.

In 2016, Bearzly earned the world record for the most alternative control methods used to complete Dark Souls. This means that he played through the entirety of the game using unconventional controllers to do so.

And this wasn’t just done with a single strange controller. He ended up using nine different controllers to complete the game, including a Rock Band guitar, Rock Band drum kit, Rock Band piano, microphone (only controlled via voice control), Donkey Kong bongo drums, a Wiimote, a dance mat, a steering wheel, and an Xbox 360 pad.


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When you hear the name Pacman, you can almost immediately begin to hear that familiar soundtrack ring in your ears. Pacman started out as a classic arcade game back in the 1980s and has remained one of the most iconic and enjoyable games on the market.

The premise of the game is quite simple; you must navigate Pacman through a series of levels to try and eat all the dots without getting attacked by one of the many ghosts on screen. Yet as the levels continue, avoiding those pesky ghosts can become no small feet.

Sometimes just making it to level ten can feel like a major milestone. But what if you could play the game to ultimate perfection? What would that even look like?

For that answer, you might want to ask David Race, who earned the video game world record for the fastest perfect game completion of Pacman. He was able to complete all 256 boards in only 3 hours, 33 minutes, and 1.4 seconds.

But what is a “perfect” game of Pacman? To complete the game perfectly, you must score the maximum number of points, which is 3,333,360 points. This will only be achieved if you are able to successfully eat every dot, every energizer blob, every flashing blue ghost, and every piece of fruit without dying once.

Super Mario Bros

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How could we have a video game world record list without talking about one of the most iconic video game figures of all time? The Mario Bros. franchise started off as a humble arcade series that soon escalated into a worldwide phenomenon. The Nintendo corporation has made countless games featuring Mario and the gang across nearly all their console platforms.

One of the classic Mario games came out in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). That game, was Super Mario Bros. While it may not have all the special graphics and unique gameplay capabilities that the newer games have, it has a unique charm that has gamers returning back to it year after year.

One of those gamers is Somewes, a YouTuber with a passion for the classics. Just recently, in 2018, he was able to set the video game world record for the fastest completion of the Super Mario Bros game. At an unbelievable pace of 4 minutes and 55.796 seconds, he was able to race his way through the entire game start to finish.

The Future of Video Game World Records

This is only a taste of what people can accomplish in the wonderful world of video games. There are books of video game world records out there honoring all genres of gameplay, skills, and timing. While these people have proven to be true masters in their field, there’s no reason why you can’t go out there and do the same. Find your game, find your strengths, and put them to the ultimate test. Who knows, maybe you could become a future video game world record holder.

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