MSI Laptop: 5 High-performance Laptops To Choose From

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Laptop computers have taken hold of both the consumer and business markets like never before. Where power and storage capacity was once the domain of desktop computers and servers, lightweight and portable laptop machines are capable of running complex applications and database functions with ease.

The proliferation of cloud computing and mobile workforces has made laptop computers almost a necessity for road warriors, with these incredible devices enabling individuals to work from anywhere, anytime.

One market that has been almost exclusively dominated by desktop machines is electronic gaming. These sophisticated games typically require powerful processors, lots of RAM, advanced graphics capabilities, and high-resolution displays.

MSI has been building high-performance laptop computers for years, providing gamers with the power needed to enjoy enhanced graphics and peak performance with the convenience of a laptop computer.

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Best MSI Laptops

MSI offers a wide variety of laptop computers for gamers, including TechRadar’s #1 pick for “best gaming laptop of 2019, the MSI GS65 Stealth. The GS65 Stealth is where this list will begin.

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Tech Radar calls the GS65 Stealth “thin, beautiful, powerful.”

Technical specs

Intel Core i7 processor

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics (8GB GDDR5X VRAM)


15.6” FHD (1920x1080) non-glare wide-view 144hz display

512GB M.2 SSD

The GS65 is extremely thin at only .69” thick, yet is packed with the processor and graphics power to give you the performance you’re looking for in a gaming laptop. Three-fan cooling keeps the processors humming efficiently, and the display is bright and brilliant with the bonus capability of turning it upside down, bending 180 degrees.

Tech Radar’s findings as the best 2018 gaming laptop make it an obvious candidate for purchasing when gaming is your intent.

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PC Magazine reviewers call the GT75 Titan “an epic gaming machine with a high-refresh-rate screen, a comfy mechanical RGB keyboard, and chart-topping graphics grunt.”

Technical specs

Intel Core I9-8950HK – 2.9 GHz

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics


Display – 17.3” (1920x1080) 120Hz G-Sync


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MSI’s GT75VR rates four stars and an editor’s choice from Laptop Magazine. Laptop mag’s review states that the unit “offers powerful graphics performance and the best keyboard available on a gaming laptop.”

Technical specs

Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz processor

16GB RAM (Upgradable To 64GB)


Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics

17.3” (1920x1080) Display

The GT75VR is a gaming powerhouse, providing impressive overall performance and superb graphics performance. This is an extremely comfortable-to-use laptop with a colorful, full-featured keyboard. Efficient cooling protects the system from high heat levels while gaming.

Power comes at a price, though. The GT75VR is also somewhat heavy, at 10.1 lbs., and battery life leaves a little to be desired, if that’s an important consideration for prospective buyers.

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Laptop Magazine calls MSI’s PE70 Prestige a “speedy workstation and gaming notebook with a great display, but short battery life and a cheap design bring it down.” That being said, if you’re looking for a moderately-priced but full-featured system, the PE70 just may be right for you.

Technical specs

Intel i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz processor




Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M Graphics

15.6” (1920x1080) Display

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If you’re looking for a light, thin gaming package, this MSI gaming laptop may be for you. With an easily-portable unit and large 17.3’ display, good things come in small packages.

Technical specs

Intel i7-8750H processor (6 cores) 2.2-4.1 GHz

16GB RAM (Upgradable To 32GB)

Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 3G GDDR5 Graphics



17.3’ Full HD EDP Non-Reflection Display

Which Laptop Is Right For You?

When you’re in the market for a gaming laptop computer, there are several primary factors that should go into your selection process. Asking yourself these questions will guide you toward the laptop that most closely suits your use of the computer, and your budget.

  • What size screen do you need? If you’re going to do high-definition graphics or engage in 3D, high-resolution gaming action, you will probably want the largest screen you can afford. Starting at 10-12” for small, extremely portable laptops and tablets, you can move all the way up to 17-18” that provide the highest level of visibility and enjoyment for graphics and gaming. (Size of course may increase weight and reduce the ease of portability)
  • How much do you have to spend? Small tablets that double as laptops, Chromebooks, and simple notebooks can be acquired for as little as $400, for a system that meets the needs of many consumers.

Parting with more money will, of course, buy you much more power, including more advanced components such as AMD A8 or Intel i5 processors, 500GB hard drives or even solid state drives (SSD), and RAM in the area of 4-8GB.

If your budget permits, reaching over the $1000 mark moves you into high-end laptop territory for a mix of power and portability for mobile workstations and gaming use.

  • What are you going to do with the laptop? If this is just a standby computer for when you’re on the go, using it for email and web surfing, a low-end laptop will certainly do the trick. The same goes for if you plan on letting the kids use it for homework and low-end computer games.

But if you intend to utilize this as your primary computer for video editing, graphics work, serious financial applications, or gaming, you should up the ante a bit and opt for more power and functionality.

  • What operating system (OS) do you need? Not all hardware runs the same OS, or even support the same version of the OS you want to use. Make sure the laptop you’re considering supports (and preferably is preloaded with) Chrome OS, Windows, or MacOS.

When in doubt, buy the most power, most memory, and most sensible display you can realistically afford. You don’t want to guess low, and be disappointed with the performance or capabilities offered by your purchase.

Why Buy MSI?

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Like TechRadar, PC Magazine also reviewed gaming laptops, and rates an MSI model in its top picks for gaming laptops, as well as naming MSI the “Best Gaming Brand” as voted by readers.

Founded in 1986 by 5 former Sony engineers, Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. (MSI) has been focused for decades on high-powered laptops with a focus on technology, quality, and especially electronic gaming.

MSI has sponsored eGaming competitions since 2010, honoring their creed of “True gaming. Some are PC, we are gaming.” MSI was ranked by Laptop magazine in 2015 as the 4th best laptop brand. In 2016 MSI was the largest supplier of gaming laptops worldwide.

With a commitment to research, quality, and advanced technology, you can be sure your MSI laptop will provide consistent service and performance, and a great return on your investment.

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