HDR Monitor List 2018 – All HDR Monitors On Sale Today

hdr monitor list

In this guide we show you all of the HDR monitors that are on sale or have been announced today in 2018. If there are any missing, please drop us a email or comment and we will get it added – enjoy!

MonitorSizeResolutionPanelBrightness (cd/m2)
Acer ET322QK32"4kIPS250Check Price
Acer X2727"4kIPS1000Check Price
Acer X3535"1440pVA1000Check Price
Acer XB272-HDR27"4kIPS1000Check Price
AOC AG273QCX27"1440pTN400Check Price
AOC AG273UG27"4kIPS1000Check Price
AOC AG353UCG35"1440pVA1000Check Price
ASUS PG27UQ27"4kIPS1000Check Price
ASUS PG35VQ35"1440pVA1000Check Price
ASUS ProArt PA32U32"4kIPS1000Check Price
BenQ SW27127"4KIPS350Check Price
BenQ SW32032"4KIPS350Check Price
Dell S2418HN24"1080pIPS250Check Price
Dell S2418HX24"1080pIPS250Check Price
Dell S2718D27"1440pIPS300Check Price
Dell S2718HX27"1080pIPS250Check Price
Dell U2518D25"1440pIPS350Check Price
Dell U2518DX25"1440pIPS350Check Price
Dell U2718Q27"4KIPS600Check Price
Dell UP2718Q27"4KIPS1000Check Price
LG 32UD9932"4KIPS600Check Price
Samsung C27HG7027"1440pVA350Check Price
Samsung C32HG7032"1440pVA350Check Price
Samsung CHG9049"4KVA350Check Price
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