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At the heart of every powerful computer is a good motherboard that works with all the latest processors, graphics cards and RAM modules. If you need help deciding on the best ASUS motherboard for your new PC build, check out our list that includes options for both Intel and AMD processors.

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Choosing a motherboard as the building block of your gaming PC is a tough decision to make. You need to find a motherboard that’s reasonably inexpensive but still allows you to connect all the best hardware. However, you also want to look for a motherboard that offers support for some future hardware, so you don’t have to upgrade your entire PC in a year or two.

To put together an accurate list of the best ASUS motherboards for you, we looked at all the different features and variables, including the cost and hardware compatibility, of various models.

Motherboards are rated based on what kind of hardware they support, what kind of hardware they have built in and what kind of support they’ll offer for future hardware. However, it’s important to keep in mind that everybody has different needs, so the best ASUS motherboard for you may not be the best for another person.

Top 10 ASUS Motherboards

[amazon link=”B074HC93RX”]

[amazon box=”B074HC93RX”]

This great motherboard is designed to support AMD Threadripper processors and DDR4 RAM at 3600 MHz, allowing you to use some of the best hardware on the market.

Where to Buy

You can buy this motherboard from Amazon or an authorized ASUS motherboard retailer.


ASUS offers a three-year warranty on the PRIME X399-A.


  • RGB lighting and support for some of the best hardware money can buy make this a great motherboard for gamers.


  • This is an expensive motherboard, and the hardware it supports is equally expensive, so it’s not for entry-level users.

[amazon link=”B072JKC22H”]

[amazon box=”B072JKC22H”]

Support for the best Intel Core X-series processors, DDR4 RAM and 802.11AD Wi-Fi make this one of the most capable Intel-compatible motherboards money can buy.

Where to Buy 

You can buy this motherboard from Amazon or find authorized retailers on the ASUS website. 


This motherboard comes with a three-year warranty. 

[amazon link=”B074JCV2QL”]

[amazon box=”B074JCV2QL”]

If price is of no concern to you and you want the best performance you can find in a PC, the ASUS ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME is a perfect choice. 

Where to Buy 

You can buy the ASUS ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME from Amazon or a number of other retailers. 


ASUS offers a three-year warranty on this motherboard. 


  • This is an extremely powerful motherboard with support for just about everything you could imagine.


  • There really are no cons to the ASUS ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME except for the fact that it’s the most expensive motherboard on our list.

[amazon link=”B07254ND9Z”]

[amazon box=”B07254ND9Z”]

If the high price and unnecessary support of some of these other motherboards deterred you, the ASUS Z270-WS is probably what you’re looking for. 

Where to Buy 

This motherboard is a bit hard to find, although you can buy it used on Amazon or special order it on B & H Photo Video. 


ASUS provides a three-year warranty on this motherboard like it does all of its motherboards. 


  • This motherboard gives you support for most of what you need without offering tons of unnecessary features.


  • Although this is a pretty basic motherboard in terms of what it supports, it’s a bit pricey for what you’re getting.

[amazon link=”B0748HV4B4″]

[amazon box=”B0748HV4B4″]

If you’re looking for a consumer-level motherboard that offers great features at a great price, the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero is one of the best choices. 

Where to Buy 

You can buy this motherboard on Amazon. 


ASUS offers its standard three-year warranty on this motherboard. 


  • AMD Ryzen AM4 support and onboard RGB lighting make this a sleek and powerful gaming motherboard.


  • 802.11AC Wi-Fi isn’t the best you can find, but it will still get the job done in most cases.

[amazon link=”B07BP9QHF1″]

[amazon box=”B07BP9QHF1″]

An LGA1151 socket for eighth generation Intel Core processor support coupled with dual M.2 and DDR4 RAM support make the ASUS TUF H370-Pro Gaming a solid gaming motherboard. 

Where to Buy 

You can buy this motherboard from ASUS. 


ASUS offers a three-year warranty to back the military-grade construction of this motherboard. 


  • This motherboard offers LGA1151 socket support without a bunch of unnecessary features. 


  • This is a fairly large motherboard, so you’ll need a case that’s big enough to house it. 

[amazon link=”B075RHWLF2″]

[amazon box=”B075RHWLF2″]

The ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F has just about everything you could ask for in a motherboard at a low price.

Where to Buy

You can buy the ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F at Amazon or from an authorized ASUS retailer.


This motherboard comes with a three-year warranty.


  • LGA1151 support for eighth generation Intel Core processors makes this a great gaming motherboard.


  • Although this motherboard has gigabit LAN, the wireless speeds aren’t quite as good.

[amazon link=”B01LEXRW48″]

[amazon box=”B01LEXRW48″]

An LGA2011-V3 socket and dual 10-gigabit LAN make the ASUS X99-E-10G WS one of the most powerful gaming motherboards on the market. 

Where to Buy 

Visit the ASUS website for a list of authorized ASUS X99-E-10G WS retailers. 


You get a standard three-year warranty from ASUS with this motherboard. 


  • You can install pretty much anything you want in this motherboard, including up to four GPUs. 


  • The price of this motherboard is around what many expect to pay for a complete PC. 

[amazon link=”B075RJ8WN2″]

[amazon box=”B075RJ8WN2″]

The ASUS TUF Z370-Plus Gaming is a good motherboard to buy if you need Intel Core processor support in a tough package. 

Where to Buy 

You can buy the ASUS TUF Z370-Plus Gaming at Amazon. 


ASUS provides a three-year warranty on this and all its TUF motherboards. 


  • TUF protection means you don’t have to worry about this motherboard getting damaged. 


  • This motherboard lacks the high-end audio that many ASUS gaming motherboards offer. 

[amazon link=”B07C5YR3KS”]

[amazon box=”B07C5YR3KS”]

If you love the features of the ASUS TUF Z370-Plus Gaming but need AMD Ryzen support, this motherboard will give you that. 

Where to Buy 

You can find this motherboard for sale at ASUS. or any other authorized ASUS motherboard retailer. 


ASUS offers a three-year warranty on this motherboard which is standard for all TUF models. 


  • An M.2 slot and DDR4 RAM support allow you to reach high speeds without using a beefy processor and GPU.  


  • There aren’t any major downsides to this motherboard, although better audio would have been nice. 

Finding the Best ASUS Motherboard for Your Custom PC 

Few things in the world are as satisfying as building an ultra-powerful custom PC, especially if you use your PC for work or gaming. However, it’s important to make sure your PC has the power it needs to perform, and that means having a good motherboard for a foundation. 

ASUS makes some of the best motherboards on the market, including some really great gaming motherboards. If you’re looking for a quality motherboard with support for Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors, our best ASUS motherboard list is a good place to start. You’ll learn about 10 different motherboards and how they stack up to each other to help you make an informed decision. 

Asus Motherboard FAQ 

What is a Motherboard?

Do Motherboards Matter? 

Are Motherboards Expensive?

Does Brand Matter?

Overall Price Range 

As far as price range goes, ASUS motherboards vary a lot. You can find cheaper motherboards that offer ample support for your hardware for right around $100, but you can also find motherboards that cost more than $300 and offer all sorts of high-end features to appease gamers.  

While you don’t truly need the most expensive motherboard on the market unless you need insane power, there are some benefits to opting for a more expensive motherboard.

For example, many of the more expensive motherboards feature a better built-in sound card, which means you get better sound quality. You can connect 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems for even better sound.

Other common features include built-in Bluetooth 4.0 support, support for the newest types of RAM and processors, and tough PCIe slots designed specifically to hold heavier graphics cards without sagging. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality motherboard, but a high-end ASUS gaming motherboard is a good option if you want the best performance. 

The Verdict 

There’s no shortage of ASUS motherboards on the market, including options that are great for everyday use, gaming and professional use. The ASUS TUF motherboards are some of the best for their great value and extreme durability, but something a bit beefier like the X299-DELUXE or the X99-E-10G WS may be necessary if you need more power than the average user. 

As long as you choose one of the motherboards from this list, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting great performance in a reliable package. Once you choose a motherboard and order it, you’re well on your way to building the PC of your dreams. 

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