AMD AM4 X370 Motherboard Comparison Chart

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X370 Motherboard NameSocketForm FactorDIMM SlotsMax RAM SpeedMax RAM Memory PCI-e 3.x (16/4/1)PCI-e 2.xSATA3M.2.U.2AudioLAN (inc. speed)WifiSLI/CrossfireUSB 2.0USB 3.0USB 3.1 G1/G2 (inc type C)USB Type C Power ConnectorsFan HeadersPWMWater Pump HeaderRGBPower PhasesDual BIOSThunderboltOverclockable
ASRock X370 Killer SLI/acAM4ATX4DDR4 3200+64GB2/0/00/0/462Yes (with kit)ALC892Intel I211AT 1GbitIntel 802.11acYes (Quad)4120124 pin + 85NoYesYes12NoNoYes
ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4AM4ATX4DDR4 2933+64GB2/0/00/0/462Yes (with kit)ALC1220Intel I211AT 1GbitNoYes (Quad)4102124 pin + 85YesYesYes12NoNoYes
ASRock X370 TaichiAM4ATX4DDR4 3200+64GB2/0/01/0/2102Yes (with kit)ALC1220Intel I211AT 1GbitIntel 802.11acYes (Quad)4102124 pin + 85YesYesYes16NoNoYes
ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Professional GamingAM4ATX4DDR4 3200+64GB2/0/01/0/2102Yes (with kit)ALC1220Intel I211AT 1GbitIntel 802.11acYes (Quad)4102124 pin + 85YesYesYes16NoNoYes
Asus Prime X370-ProAM4ATX4DDR4 320064GB2/0/01/0/382NoS1220Intel I211AT 1GbitNoYes (2-Way)4011124 pin + 86YesYesYes10NoNoYes
Asus ROG Crosshair VI HeroAM4ATX4DDR4 320064GB2/0/01/0/382NoS1220Intel I211AT 1GbitNoYes (2-Way)6013124 pin + 8 + 47YesYesYes12NoNoYes
Biostar Racing X370GT5AM4ATX4DDR4 320064GB1/0/01/0/261NoALC892Realtek RTL8118AS 1GbitNoCrossfire (2-Way)208124 pin + 84NoNoYes7YesNoYes
Biostar Racing X370GT7AM4ATX4DDR4 320064GB2/0/01/0/361NoALC1220Realtek RTL8118AS 1GbitNoCrossfire (2-Way)208124 pin + 85YesNoYes12YesNoYes
Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 5AM4ATX4DDR4 320064GB3/0/00/0/3811ALC1220Rivet Networks Killer E2500 1GbitNoYes (Quad)4013124 pin + 88YesYesYes10YesNoYes
MSI X370 Gaming Pro CarbonAM4ATX4DDR4 3200+64GB2/0/01/0/362NoALC1220Intel I211AT 1GbitNoYes (2-Way/3-Way)6010124 pin + 86YesYesYes10NoNoYes
MSI X370 XPower Gaming TitaniumAM4ATX4DDR4 3200+64GB2/0/01/0/3621ALC1220Intel I211AT 1GbitNoYes (2-Way)7011124 pin + 8 + 6 + 46YesYesYes10NoNoYes
MSI X370 Gaming PlusAM4ATX4DDR4 3200+64GB2/0/01/0/361NoALC892Realtek 8111H 1GbitNoYes (2-Way/3-Way)6014124 pin + 86YesYesYes10NoNoYes
ASRock X370 Killer SLI/acAM4ATX4DDR4 3200+64GB2/0/00/0/462Yes (with kit)ALC892Intel I211AT 1GbitIntel 802.11acYes (Quad)4120124 pin + 85NoYesYes12NoNoYes
Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming K7AM4ATX4DDR4 360064GB3/0/00/0/3811ALC1220Intel GbE 1Gbit, Rivet Networks Killer E2500 1GbitNoYes (Quad)4014124 pin + 88YesYesYes10YesNoYes
Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming K3AM4ATX4DDR4 320064GB2/0/00/0/381NoALC1220Rivet Networks Killer E2500 1GbitNoCrossfire (Quad)4012024 pin + 85YesYesNo7YesNoYes
Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming K5AM4ATX4DDR4 320064GB3/0/00/0/381NoALC1220Intel GbE 1GbitNoYes (Quad)4014124 pin + 85YesYesYes10YesNoYes
Biostar Racing X370GTNAM4mITX2DDR4 320032GB1/0/00/0/041NoALC892Realtek RTL8118AS 1GbitNoNo10718 pin2NoNoNo7NoNoYes
Biostar Racing X370GT3AM4mATX4DDR4 320064GB1/0/01/0/261NoALC887Realtek RTL8118AS 1GbitNoCrossfire (2-Way)2080-3NoNoNo-YesNoYes
MSI X370 Gaming ProAM4ATX4DDR4 3200+64GB2/0/01/0/362NoALC1220Intel I211AT 1GbitNoYes (2-Way/3-Way)6010124 pin + 86YesYesYes10NoNoYes
MSI X370 SLI PLUSAM4ATX4DDR4 3200+64GB2/0/01/0/361NoALC892Realtek 8111H 1GbitNoYes (2-Way/3-Way)6010124 pin + 86yesYesYes10NoNoYes


Now that BIOS and microcode updates have made AMD’s new platform, socket AM4 more stable, it’s time to take a look at some of the outstanding AMD board offerings from our favorite manufacturers. First up is our comparison of AMD’s top-of-the-line chipset, X370. for those who are a bit confused about what differentiates the chipsets created for the new platform, there are three “performance” offerings – X370, B350 and X300. X370 is the only chipset that supports overclocking AND multiple GPUs. B350 is for overclocking with a single video card, and X300 is for overclocking in small form factor systems. Note that in all cases, storage and GPU performance is dependent on the type of processor installed. Ryzen CPUs allow for M.2 32Gb/s and offer a full 16 lanes on the PCI-E slot. APUs or any Athlons released under the new architecture will limit M.2 to 16Gb/s and halve the number of PCI-E lanes to 8.


Biostar is a company that doesn’t get a lot of press, or the respect it deserves. They have been producing quality boards since 1986, and they make one of only two available mini-ITX boards (and the only one in stock on Newegg right now). And they have implemented X370 on a mini-ITX board, normally the domain of X300. The primary difference is using the flexible X370 SATA Express / PCI-E 3 hub for GPU instead of X300’s PCI-E 2 implementation, and extra SATA channels for storage


The X370GTN is equipped with SATA 600 and one M.2 header, one PCI-E X15 gen 3 slot, two DIMM slots and more than ample USB 3.1, audio and video ports. Noticeably absent is built-in wifi, but with abundant and fast USB ports this shouldn’t present a huge problem. For case connectivity, front panel, USB 2 and USB 3.1 headers are present, as well as two 5050 LED headers. Fan headers are sparse – only two available so when using this board in a larger case, strongly consider using a fan controller. The X370GTN retails for around $110.


Next up is a pair of boards from MSI, different only in their SLI support and $25 in price, the X370 Gaming Plus and X370 Gaming SLI Plus What makes these products stand out in their price range is the inclusion of a noticeably stouter VRM than the competitors – true 8+2 phase power delivery, a rarity at this price point. Note, however, that this VRM configuration uses somewhat cheap integrated circuits when compared to more expensive boards, so yes, it’s 8+2 but with mediocre parts. As with any ATX board, expansion slots, fan headers and other niceties are plentiful. Both boards have ample onboard fan control, with six headers each, a plethora of PCI-E X 16 slots for Crossfire (Plus) or SLI (SLI Plus), an equal number of PCI-E slots, DVI-D and HDMI for APUsage, and competent if pedestrian Realtek audio and LAN subsystems. Retail on these boards is $115 for the Plus and $140 for the SLI plus version. This is the least expensive X370 board with SLI support.


Gigabyte’s GA-AX370 Gaming K5 rounds out the list of standout boards. Gigabyte has a reputation in the overclocking community, and although overclocking Ryzen doesn’t offer huge benefits the reliability that comes along with it should mean a stable, powerful, long-lived system. With better-quality VRM components, this board is the least expensive of the roundup to include all the following features: Realtek ALC1220, the latest onboard audio RGB lighting, Quad-Crossfire support, ideal for masochists and miners DDR4 support up to 3200 MHz 8+2 phase power delivery, Water pump header (and five fan headers), Dual BIOS At $170 retail, the GA-AX370 Gaming K5 is the least expensive X370 motherboard to offer the full range of niceties for the builder who needs them.

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