Top 10 Best Bluetooth Adapters for PC

Top 10 Best Bluetooth 

Adapters for PC

Bluetooth adapters are small. Being small electronic devices, you may find that they’re fairly easy to lose track of. It’s alright, that happens, but it still means you’ll have to replace the one you had. After all, you need your devices to function, and devices that rely on Bluetooth need something to receive their signal.

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It’s Time for a New Bluetooth Adapter

Now, that may come off as a little vague to you. What exactly is a Bluetooth adapter? It’s actually surprisingly easy to describe. A Bluetooth adapter is any piece of technology that is built to receive Bluetooth signals. I’m sure that helped a whole lot. Let’s make it even a little more clear. You’ve seen a wireless mouse before, everyone has. Every wireless mouse has a small device that comes with it, a dongle, that has a USB port with a little black bit of plastic on the other end. You plug it into your computer and that’s how you connect your new mouse to your computer. That’s the Bluetooth adapter. That little bit of plastic, known as a dongle, is the adapter you’re looking for. Like we said, that dongle can be pretty easy to lose, or it might stop functioning. Thankfully, they’re pretty easy to replace. But what are the best Bluetooth adapters for PC that you can get?

How We Choose Our Bluetooth Adapters

For something so small, it may seem like they won’t have too much that distinguishes each product from the other. For the most part, you’re right. The differences are minutiae, but when it counts, that minutiae can be incredibly important to making the final decision.

There are a few qualities you need to be certain of before deciding on a Bluetooth adapter:

  • Quality: These adapters need to be made from good quality materials.
  • Longevity: Whatever you choose should last a long time.
  • Effectiveness: Any adapter you choose should work as well as the original, if not better. A faulty adapter is no good to you at all.
  • Pricing: There should be decent compromise between quality and cost.

What’s most important is that the customers agree that it’s a quality product. There’s no better reliability than the customers.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Adapters for PC

Whatever selection you decide on, it should be compatible with your already existing software and be of decent quality.

Avantree Bluetooth Adapter

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The Avantree Bluetooth adapter for PC knocks it out of the park. Their quality is consistent, durability is reliable, and the device’s functions extend beyond simple connection. Not only is it compatible with all modern Windows operating systems, it can make a non-Bluetooth PC into a Bluetooth capable device.

It has multiple uses for a variety of devices, included mice, headsets, speakers, and printers among a few of them. It auto-installs its software as soon as you plug it in and has a 2-year warranty in case it breaks.

This compact Bluetooth adapter for PC is highly regarded among those who have purchased it. It may, on a rare occasion, be faulty on arrival, but these few and far between scenarios can be resolved easily due to the 2-year warranty. Regardless, this is one of the best adapters you can buy.

Warmstor Bluetooth Adapter

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The Warmstor Bluetooth Adapter for PC takes a bite in its price to distinguish itself from its competitors. At half the price of the competition, it nonetheless delivers on the same quality service any one of the other adapters promises.

It’s a convenient adapter, able to be used within seconds of plugging it in. So long as your devices are Bluetooth capable and within 30 feet, they’ll be able to transfer data at 3Mbps. No matter what kind of uses you have planned for it, whether it be transferring content from your phone to your computer or hooking up a new mouse, this adapter will provide a quality experience.

Customers have been by-and-large extremely pleased with this product’s performance. Considering it’s available at a fairly cheap price by comparison, there’s a chance its material quality may not be the highest on arrival. However, it’s well-received and effective, so it maintains its integrity.

HIGHEVER Bluetooth Adapter

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Quality and effectiveness come hand-in-hand with the HIGHEVER name. The HIGHEVER Bluetooth adapter for PC provides service for a wide variety of devices for any operating system from Window 2000 and up. Best when combined with USB 2.0, this adapter can receive 3Mbps from up to 33 feet away.

This low-energy adapter can work with up to seven devices at a time, whether the devices are speakers, headphones, keyboards, mice, or others. This adapter has impressed the vast majority of those who’ve bought it, attesting to its quality and effectiveness.

Sabrent Bluetooth Adapter

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Among the sleeker designs of Bluetooth adapters that you’ll find, Sabrent doesn’t skimp on quality as a cost for its appeal.

The Sabrent Bluetooth Adapter for PC is compatible with modern Windows operating systems and all recent Bluetooth versions. It’s able to connect to a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices, like phones, headsets, mice, and more. So long as you’re within 33 feet, it’ll work like a charm.

The biggest issue it seems to have is some poor sound quality. However, that’s easily fixable with a few extra drivers downloaded from the Sabrent website. Otherwise it’s a sound product with a competitive price.

Kinivo Bluetooth Adapter

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Chances are, a Kinivo Bluetooth adapter is going to provide the quality experience you’re looking for.

It hits every important note a good Bluetooth adapter for PC should hit: low energy, compatible with all modern Window operating systems, and able to connect with almost any device you own. Plus, it’s extremely portable.

Not only is it compatible with older Bluetooth equipment, it also comes with a 2-year warranty, just in case. Customer response has been all but positive, save for the few exceptions that are bound to be found with any product. All we suggest is that you be careful about dropping it, as some have found the plastic to be a little fragile. It hasn’t affected the performance of the adapter, but nonetheless you should be wary.

Plugable Bluetooth Adapter

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Plugable provides a product that has pleased thousands of customers. Their Bluetooth adapter provides the quality services you can expect from a good product. For starters, it’s compatible with operating systems ranging from 7 and up. For the most part, the operating system compatibility is a non-issue, thankfully.

It auto-installs its drivers as soon as you plug it in, and in no time, it’s connected to your devices. Whether you’re using headphones, speakers, or anything else that uses a Bluetooth connection, you should have no problem connecting to this adapter. With its low energy feature, it proves to be a reliably long-lasting product.

As long as you’re within 33 feet of it, it functions properly. Verified customers have concluded that it’s a quality product, proving to be immediately functional with all manner of devices.

Zexmte Bluetooth Adapter

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There’s very little that can truly go wrong with a Bluetooth adapter for PC, but that doesn’t mean that you should just take the first that shows up. Zexmte provides a quality product for half the price that its competitors call for.

If we’re talking bang for buck, Zexmte should be on your list of choices. It’s plug-and-play with modern operating systems, downloading its drivers as soon as you plug it in. It’s highly compatible with most devices, whether they be mice, keyboards, speakers, headphones, or anything else that’s Bluetooth capable.

Zexmte boasts a high quality, efficient product at a competitive price, and its customer reviews reflect that. The vast majority of those who have purchased this product have had great experiences using it. Unfortunately, there’s a small portion of customers who have had some trouble with it.

However, despite the rare hiccup, this easily transportable device is almost certainly going to work perfectly with your devices at a great price.

ASUS Bluetooth Adapter

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ASUS has a reputation for delivering quality products, and their Bluetooth adapter doesn’t fall short. It delivers on the basics, and that’s the most important part: 3Mbps report rate, compatible with all modern operating systems, and capable of connecting with multiple Bluetooth devices.

This easily transportable adapter automatically downloads its drivers as soon as you plug it in. Plus, just in case you get shipped a faulty adapter, its 2-year warranty covers any dead or damaged adapters on arrival.

Some customers have had some troubles with quality, but they are vastly outmatched by those who have found great satisfaction with the product.

Ztesy Bluetooth Adapter

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One of the best Bluetooth adapters available on the market comes from Ztesy. These adapters can receive transmissions from up to 33 feet away with a transfer rate of 3Mbps. It’s low-energy and tiny, making it a cinch to transport. It can support most modern Windows operating systems between, 7, 8, and 10. You won’t even need to install any drivers.

Installation comes so easily, you can start using it within seconds of it coming out of the box. Those who have purchased this product overwhelmingly support it. This Bluetooth adapter for PC is nearly guaranteed to solve your problems for a bit of a price. However, it may not be suitable for Bose headphones or speakers, so make sure to check before you buy.

IOGEAR Bluetooth Adapter

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While it may look a tad bit bulkier than other adapters, IOGEAR doesn’t disappoint in delivering a quality product. Their Bluetooth adapter is compatible with most any available Bluetooth capable devices in the area, and functional within a 30-foot radius. So long as you plug it into a Window computer, it’ll be able to make it Bluetooth enabled.

Its ultra-low power consumption is supported by a 3Mbps transfer rate, the standard for its class. It can support up to three Bluetooth devices at a time, transferring even the largest files at a time. While most of those who have purchased this adapter have maintained glowing support of its quality, there are a few who have found some difficulties with it.

Nonetheless, despite those who have had troubles, that’s to be expected with any product. IOGEAR still delivers a good Bluetooth adapter for PC.

Buyer’s Guide to Bluetooth Adapters for PC

It may be challenging to choose between different Bluetooth adapters for PC. They’re all fairly similar, should you go for the cheapest one and call it a day? While it’s tempting to do that, if you’re looking for something to last a long time, you may have to sink a few more dollars into the product.

That isn’t, however, to say the more affordable options are worse. Every Bluetooth adapter on this list delivers a quality performance. Just make sure, whenever you’re making a decision, to check out the qualities that each one presents.

  • Quality
  • Longevity
  • Effectiveness

Cross-referencing your purchases before the final buy is always a good, safe decision.

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