Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors – Buyer’s Guide

Projecting your favorite entertainment on a wall, instead of a big monitor or tv is an option that has been gaining attraction over the years as projectors got not only cheaper but better and more diverse. You can find various types of projectors ranging from the typical small only-good-for-powerpoint projector to a full-HD short-throw projector; all needs can be met.

Nevertheless, sometimes projecting your games, films, or other types of media in a sizeable ample room is not just an option, and that is why the ultra-short throw projectors exist. These projectors are a great compromise between a high resolution and small spaces, as they can “throw” or project an image within a very short distance to the wall.

Got you interested? The following are some of best ultra short throw projectors you can currently find on the market in 2018:

LG ProBeam HF85JABest Ultra Short Throw Projector 2018

LG HF85JA Ultra Short Throw Laser Smart Home Theater Projector

If your looking for the absolute best ultra short throw projector you can get for your money, then look no further than the LG ProBeam HF85JA. This Full HD, Smart TV enabled projector provides excellent image and clear picture from just 17 inches of distance away from a wall or screen. This ultra short throw projects up to 100 inches of image size, with 1500 lumens of light available and an impressive 20,000 hours of lamp life. The OS (WebOS 3.0) built into this projector is super intuitive and easy to use, a pain . with many other projectors. One tip we recommend for anyone buying this projector is that dark images are sometimes a slight struggle in a bright room, so we recommend blackout curtains to ensure you make the most out of this fantastic ultra short throw projector from LG.

LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw ProjectorAwesome addition to your home theater

LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Projector

An excellent and cheaper alternative to buying an absurdly expensive 100” TV, this LG can provide a similar experience if placed just 30 cm (15 inches) from the wall. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can hook up earphone or home theater. Also, if you buy the version with the WebOs 3.0, you will enjoy LG’s Smart TV platform giving you access to various apps like Netflix, Vudu, and many others.

On the negative side, the 1000 lumens can compromise your image quality in bright places so that is something you should consider if you will use it in a lighted area.

Offering great portability, fantastic quality, and a built-in web service the LG PF1000UW is definitely a reliable option to consider.

The projector with WebOS 3.0 retails for just under $1250.

Sony LSPX-P1 Ultra Short Throw Projector Great portability and versatility

Sony LSPX-P1 Ultra Short Throw Projector

An indeed more versatile choice of projector, the Sony LSPX-P1 can be a good choice for more general usage, maybe it is a projection of photos on a wall or of a movie on a table. The resolution goes from 22” to 88” with 100 lumens of luminosity, which can be quite compromising if you want to use it in bright places, much more so than the LG PF1000UW.

This Ultra Short Throw Projector also provides built-in speakers, battery, and a wireless unit. The latter can be connected with HDMI to any compatible device be it your laptop or PlayStation even so you can project content from those.

The Sony LSPX-P1 costs under $1000 which compared to the LG PF1000UW may look like a weaker deal overall, but its versatility advantage over the LG is worth considering.

Optoma GT5500+ Ultra Short Throw Best home-use 3d projector

Optoma GT5500+ Ultra Short Throw

Looking for a projector compatible with 3d? The Optoma GT5500+ is the right option for you! Full HD 100” resolution with 3500 lumens of brightness, which definitely provide a tremendous and vivid image quality even in places with high luminosity.

The 6500-hour lamp life can be a strong deterrent when considering this projector, but the 3d functionality together with high luminosity can be functionalities to consider.

The Optoma GT5500+ costs just over $1000, a direct competitor with the LG PF1000UW.

NEC NP-UM351W Ultra Short Throw Run-of-the-mill professional-focused projector

NEC NP-UM351W Ultra Short Throw Projector

The NEC NP-UM351W is a pretty standard ultra short throw projector, no gimmick, no add-ons just a functional quality product that serves its purpose as expected.  Equipped with LCD technology, 3500 lumens and built-in 20W speakers, this projector manages to be a robust piece of tech all-around while lacking in add-ons or original functionalities.

Great option for a more professional utilisation, but pretty run-of-the-mill compared to other competitors for more personal use.

The NEC NP-UM351W has a price tag of around 1370$.

Optoma Ultra Short Throw 3D EH320UST Perfect ultra-short for professional use

Optoma Ultra Short Throw 3D EH320UST

The Optoma EH320UST is very similar to the one addressed above (the GT5500+), but it focuses more on professional usage (Business, colleges, schools..). It provides an excellent 4000 lumens so you will not have problems projecting in bright places. Also, delivers a 1080p 100” resolution with 3d functionality, and built-in 16W speakers, so you will not have to worry about bringing extra gear to do your presentation (except the 3d glasses if you are doing some of those).

Like the GT5500+ the lamp life provided by the DLP technology used to project is 6,500, which compared to other competitors falls a little too short.

Nevertheless, the Optoma 3D EH320UST is a reliable solution for more professional needs, retailing for about $1500.

LG PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector Cheapest Ultra Short Throw Projector

LG PH450UG Ultra Short Throw Budget Projector

The LG PH450UG is the option if you are looking for a more inexpensive ultra short throw projector. Despite being more affordable than the others competitors and its cousin the LGPF1000UW, it does not lack in robust features that give it a strong price vs. value score.

Delivering an 80” HD resolution with 450 lumens it can provide satisfactory image quality, especially if you are projecting in a dark room. However, the 450 lumens will degrade the viewing experience in luminous spaces, so be wary of that reality.

As it uses LED display technology, it enjoys a long 3000-hour lamp-life, which is without a doubt an advatange over the Optoma’s 6500.

All that being said the price the LG PH450UG goes for about 650$, comparatively much more lower than the other address options.



LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Projector

  • A fantastic addition to your home-theater, delivering excellent image quality and handy features. It is a bit expensive and for the price should have had more Lumens.

Sony LSPX-P1 Ultra Short Throw Projector

  • Great for on-the-go use. It versatile and provides excellent image quality. Again the Lumens are constraining factor for an expensive price tag.

Optoma GT5500+ Ultra Short Throw

  • Nice alternative for a 3D TV. The GT5500+ is a robust projector for your entertainment needs be it gaming or watching a movie. The 3D feature is a nice included feature, especially for the film. The 3500 are great, but the short lamp-life can be a deterrent.

NEC NP-UM351W Ultra Short Throw

  • Pretty standard projector for more business or school oriented use. Robust delivery but nothing too spectacular.

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Optoma Ultra Short Throw 3D EH320UST

  • Very similar to the Optoma GT5500+ but focused on a more professional setting. Has 4000 lumens a clear advantage over other competitors but, like the GT5500+, suffers from a low lamp-life.

LG PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector

  • Impressive cheap ultra short throw projector, great for getting on board the Ultra short throw tech without going into the 1000s. It has some flaws, like the lumens and the image quality but for the price is understandable.

Ultra Short Throw Projector Buyer’s Guide:


1. What are ultra-short throw projectors?

  • The ultra-short throw is the technology used in some projectors that allows them to deliver the image in a very short distance of the displaying object. So, with this type of projectors, you will no longer need to place it a significant distance away of the display object, removing the encumbrance of the projecting light getting in the way of your presentation or having someone interrupt your movie by passing through the projecting line of sight.

2. What is the difference between short throw and ultra-short throw?

  • The main difference is the distance the projector must be from the display object to deliver a particular For example, some ultra short throw projectors can provide an 80” screen from 52cm (1,7 feet) away, while the short throw has to be 93 cm (3 feet) away to deliver the same 80” screen.

3. What are the benefits of an ultra short throw projector?

  • Aside from reducing the projecting line of sight, which facilitates presentations or movie showings, the ultra short throw technology is incredible for people that want to make projections within a short space. Have a small room but still want to watch a movie in a 100” full HD resolution, without buying an expensive tv? The ultra-short throw projector got you covered!

4. What are the technologies behind the ultra short throw projectors?

  • Lumens: The amount of brightness that the projector can deliver on a projected image.
  • Light source: Technologies like LCD, LED or DLP which will impact not only the image quality but also the life of the product and its energy consumption.
  • Audio: Some of the projectors include built-in speakers who can come up pretty handy when doing a presentation, but it is obviously far from a home-theater audio system.
  • 3D: Included in some projectors, 3D can be a cool feature to have in an ultra-short projector, especially in movies.
  • Resolution: From HD to Full HD to 4K there is a wide range of projectors available to suit your kind of resolution needs. While HD might be enough and more cheaper for someone who will be using the projector for presentations, Full HD or 4K are fantastic for viewing entertainment, albeit more costly.
  • Connectivity: Allowing to transmit data in high definition or from a USB pen is a nice feature to have, and projectors are adapting to that reality. VGA, HDMI, USB, Headphones jack and much more are connectivity ports that are being included in some of the more modern ultra short throw projectors giving much more versatility of usage.
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