The Best 120mm Case Fans You Need for Your Rig

​When it comes to the best case fans, it sometimes can be a daunting task to pick the right one for your particular needs. What color should you get? Should you get one with LED’s or without? Are all 120mm fans the same? Are some louder than others? What are the best 120mm case fans?

These are just some of the questions many find themselves asking while contemplating over case fans and other components they want in their future rig. So what are the best case fans, and why? Don’t fret, we got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of twelve 120mm case fans you’ll want to consider when thinking about your next build.

1. Rosewill 120mm Long Life ROCF-13001

Rosewill 120mm Case Fan 4-Pack, Long Life Sleeve Bearing Computer Case...

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When it comes to names in the computer industry, Rosewill will get the attention of any PC enthusiast as a trusted and reliable name within the industry. This jet black, sleek design from Rosewill is no different and comes with the quality you expect from one of the best in the industry.

This fan comes in a pack of four with four jet black fans that can be universal in just about any case color. These fans feature a 22DBA noise level, lifelong sleeve bearings, three or four-pin power connectors, a 38.2CFM airflow, and an RPM of 1200 plus or minus ten percent. These fans will look good in any case and sure to keep your system running cool while staying quiet.

If you’re in the market for case fans or just looking to replace existing ones you just can’t go wrong with this four-pack from Rosewill.

2. Cooler Master SickleFlow 120

Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 - Sleeve Bearing 120mm 3-Pin LED Silent...

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Cooler Master is another name recognized by many and for a good reason. With the Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm fan, you get incredibly impressive performance with a mind-blowing 19 dBA noise level and a 69.69 CFM airflow level at max RPM.

The Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 features blue LED lights although there is a variety of colors for your choice if you so desire. What sets this fan apart from the rest is its versatility to be used as a case fan, CPU fan, or radiator fan. Some of the CPU coolers recommended by Cooler Master for this fan are the HAF 932, V10, V8, Hyper 212, Cosmos, Gemini, Hyper Z600, and the Cosmos S; Cooler Master Guarantees 50,0000 hours of life expectancy for this fan, so you have the guarantee backed by one of the biggest in the industry.

The standard four-pin Molex power connectors will work with this fan and with a max RPM of 2000 this is another fan you just can’t pass up or throw to the side when considering fans for your next build. Truly one of the very best case fans in the 120mm range.

3. Arctic F12 PWM Rev. 2

ARCTIC F12 PWM - 120 mm PWM Case Fan, PWM-Signal regulates Fan Speed,...

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No, we aren’t talking about the Arctic that’s bitter cold and uninhabitable, we are referring to Arctics F12 PWM Rev. 2. This case fan doesn’t sport LED lights as previously mentioned fans have, but it does have a unique black and white theme with the fan blades white and its surrounding shroud black.

What sets this fan apart is the ability to control the speed at which it operates. You’re able to adjust the RPM from 300 – 1350 with a low noise level of 22.5DBA along with a fluid dynamic bearing that helps extend the life of the fan and a six-year warranty. As you can see what this fan lacks in LED’s it makes up for in controllability and flexibility.

Last but not least the Arctic F12 PWM Rev. 2 is light weighing in at 4.8 ounces but don’t let the lightweight full you it’s durable and made to last. The Arctic F12 PWM Rev. 2 is sure to impress and deliver on all fronts for years to come.

4. NZXT FN V2 120

NZXT AER RGB 2 - HF-28120-B1 - 120mm - Advanced Lighting...

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The NZXT FN V2 120mm is another gem you want to consider when deciding on which case fans you’d like to use in your PC system. The theme of this fan is similar to the Arctic F12 PWM Rev. 2 featuring all-white blades and a full black shroud. Max RPM is 1200 and provides a 45 CFM airflow delivering excellent performance.

The fan operates at a reasonable 21DBA and comes with anti-vibration pads along with sleeved cables that help give the NZXT FN V2 120mm fan an edge in performance over its competitors. The fan also has a two-year warranty giving you security and peace of mind in the unlikely event a fan happens to fail. If you’re in the market for new or replacing existing case fans, the NZXT FN V2 120mm is worth consideration.

(BONUS: Best 120mm Fan Filter) SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter

SilverStone Technology SST-FF121 120mm Ultra Fine Fan Filter with...

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This Silverstone 120mm fan is a one of a kind setting itself apart with an included fan filter that helps keep dust where it belongs outside! You’ll find that four mounting screws with a honeycomb grill that helps direct airflow in the places it’s needed most.

At 0.6 ounces this fan is extremely light yet efficient and durable. Silverstone decided to keep a modest look for the fan going with a light grayish fan and black shrouding making it universal for just about any build out there.

So, if you’re in the market for a fan that’s quiet, cool, lightweight, and affordable the Silverstone 120mm fan with filter is the fan for you.

5. Thermaltake Riing 12 Series High Static Pressure 120mm

Thermaltake RIING 120mm Red LED Ultra Quiet High Airflow Computer Case...

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Thermaltake is another one of those names that’s known throughout the PC community, and it would be a bit of a shock if Thermaltake weren’t included in this list. The Thermaltake Riing 12 series delivers the price and performance you expect from a Thermaltake product. Featuring blue Led lights, a three-year warranty, and a unique design, this fan has everything for all PC enthusiast out there.

The Led lights are a tad different in the form of a solid round ring that encompasses the entire fan instead of lights that shine inward from the corners like most traditional LED fans. The LED’s are available in other color options that include white, green, blue, and red giving the right amount of flexibility to your build. There is a wind-blocking frame that helps reduce static pressure and helps control fan noise for quiet operation.

In usual Thermaltake fashion, they’ve even gone a step further including a self-lubricated bearing that further improves noise levels and efficiency. Max speed runs at 1500 RPM with an audible level of 24.6DBA and an impressive 51.1 CFM airflow giving you superb performance and airflow making the Thermaltake Riing 12 series a top contender for a spot in your build.

6. Corsair Air Series SP120 Quiet Edition

Corsair CO-9050009-WW Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition Single Fan

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Another fan from the Corsair Air Series that is a must mention is the Corsair Air Series SP120. This spectacular fan comes in a twin pack with two fans sporting a jet black look with a fancy nicely placed blue rim that surrounds the fan.

It’s important to clarify this blue ring is not a LED light, it’s just color added to the fan to give it a bit of attitude for your build. The colored ring can be gotten in other colors that include red, white, and the blue already mentioned. Corsair offers an excellent two-year warranty, but with Corsair quality it’s very unlikely you’ll have to use it, but it’s good to know you have that option available just in case.

Max fan speed reaches 1450 RPM  with a 23 DBA noise level and an airflow of 37.85 CFM. The blades have been specially designed to promote high airflow with reduced noise to ensure a quiet, smooth operation that only a Corsair can provide. Ideally, this fan is best used on radiators, heat sinks, and near drive bay intakes.

If you’re looking for a fan that provides a better rear exhaust or side intake potential, You’ll want to refer to the Corsair AF series mentioned earlier.

7. Noctua 120mm NF-S12A

Noctua NF-S12A PWM, Premium Quiet Fan, 4-Pin (120mm, Brown)

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In years past Noctua was a name not heard of in the PC building community but fast forward a few years, and Noctua is known for the best fans made on the market competing with top names such as Cooler Master and Corsair.

The Noctua 120mm NF-S12A is the third generation in the Noctua S12 series that has won 250 awards from press around the globe. This third-generation features a new blade design that further improves airflow and noise levels than its previous predecessors. So what’s the quick and dirty of the NF-S12A? The color is a brown fan, brown corners, and a light beige shroud that encloses the fan blades.

A low noise adapter that can reduce speeds during PWM from 1200 RPM to 900 RPM, and a 10 CFM airflow. The Noctua is the elite of the elite when it comes to noise reduction beating its previous award-winning products by reducing noise levels by another 8%. If you’re looking for the best in quiet and efficiency for your build, you really can’t beat the Noctua NF-S12A to provide the most silent operation possible for your build.

8. Antec TwoCool 120

ANTEC Cooling Fan Case TWOCOOL 120

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Burr, it’s cold in here! That’s what your PC will be saying when you equip it with the Antec TwoCool 120mm fan. A three-pin to Molex connector is provided giving flexibility for different power hookups depending on your build options. A two-speed control option is available with a 600 RPM and 1200 RPM speed giving a 17.0 DBA and 23.7 DBA respectively.

The Antec TwoCool 120mm is only available in one color which is jet black; this is nice for a sleek hidden look if you’re going for a minimalistic looking build. It’s important to emphasize the two-way switch is easily mountable providing easy access to the speed you so desire.

Antec has also equipped this beauty with sleeve bearings to add a cherry on top so to speak to an already impressive performing fan for your case. If you’re looking to chill your PC with one of the best in the industry the Antec TwoCool 120mm is the fan for you.

What Is the Best 120mm Case Fan?

If you found yourself asking what are the best 120mm case fans you came to the right place! There are so many questions and variables that plague many builders when seeking the optimal CPU cooler solution… heat distribution rate, the total surface area and efficiency of the heat sink, how much cool air specific cooling fans can move, and so much more.

Fortunately, you’ve got a breakdown of twelve top-quality fans brought to you by some of the best in the industry. You can’t go wrong with any of these excellent products, our personal choices for best case fans in the 120mm range.

But please don’t be too hasty, take your time on color, size, price, performance, and noise level as this is a choice you will possibly have to live with until your next build. No need to fear that your motherboard will melt, taking your CPU and graphics cards along with it. Not if you have the best PC case fan for your system acting as CPU cooler around the clock.

Have fun out there and remember the cooler your case, the longer your parts will last.

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