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netgear n600 features a Dual Band WiFi delivers 300 + 300Mbps Ideal WiFi range for medium to large homes

When it comes to modern life, one thing that almost every home is equipped with is Wi-Fi. Most internet providers offer Wi-Fi as part of their basic internet services. While you can certainly hardwire directly to your modem to get internet, the freedom of Wi-Fi cannot be denied. It is great to be able to wander around your home on a device and not have to worry about cords. Find out here all you need to know about the Netgear N600 router.

However, Wi-Fi isn’t without its faults. To begin with, the Wi-Fi signal is always going to be weaker than if you hardwire in. While it can travel through walls, it isn’t very good at it, so the further you are away from the internet modem, the worse the signal will be. To broadcast a wireless signal, you need the modem and a router. The router is what allows the signals to travel wirelessly to your devices. Some modems have the router built in. You can also buy the router separately.

Most internet providers will supply you with a modem and router for a small charge each month, but what many people may not realize is that you can also buy your own equipment, which is cost effective in the long run. Plus, it lets you choose the quality of your equipment. You aren’t just stuck with whatever your ISP wants to give you.

Netgear N600Pros & Cons

Pros and cons lists are an essential part of a review because they give you an honest look at what to expect when you buy the product. We have done a careful review of both expert and consumer reviews to create the following list. Also, we understand that sometimes reviews are biased, so we were particularly in what we included. We checked out every detail to ensure we provide you with only the most accurate information. The following is an unbiased and honest presentation of the good and bad points of the Netgear N600.


  • Excellent performance
  • Steady connection
  • Great management tools
  • Durable and long life


  • Setup is difficult
  • Stability can drop without warning requiring more configuration

Netgear N600

netgear n600 features a Dual Band WiFi delivers 300 + 300Mbps Ideal WiFi range for medium to large homes

The Netgear Company

​We want to take an in-depth look at one router option – the Netgear N600. Netgear is a fairly well-known name in the field. The company provides routers and other related products that are on top of trends and technological developments in this ever-changing industry.

With this review, we hope to help you find out more about the Netgear N600. Learn about its specifications, the pros and cons and how much it will cost. We’ll also compare it to a couple of other popular routers to see how it measures up. Finally, our review will give you our rating on the product, so you know if it is worth considering when you need to purchase a router.

Before we get into specifics about the Netgear N600, let’s learn a little more about routers. Understanding how they work can help you better make a decision when buying one.

What’s a Router?

The router you use can affect how your home network runs in a huge way. Your ISP provides you with internet at a certain speed, but the router that can alter that speed and the overall functionality of your home network. So, choosing the right router is very important for stability, speed, and overall function. You also need to understand that the slowest connection in your network determines your overall speed. So, even if you buy the best router you can afford, if you have a weaker link in your network, you still won’t get top speeds.

The components in your home network include:

  • Modem
  • Router
  • Height
  • Devices

​Devices are a huge part of the system and one you need to pay attention to. If you use an older computer in your network, then it will slow your internet way down. Keep that in mind. Try to hook up only newer devices so you can get the most from your internet speed.

Since you may be renting a router/modem combo from your ISP currently, you may want to think about buying your own equipment to save money and to have more control. The combos your ISP rents you have likely been used before and probably are not as up to date as they should be. This can slow down your connection. Furthermore, buying your own device is not a huge investment.


You will need to make sure that whatever router you buy is compatible with your service. Most ISPs will provide a list of the suitable devices. Luckily, Netgear is pretty compatible with all the major ISPs, so you can probably use a Netgear router with no issues. Just double check because if you buy a device that isn’t compatible, you will have to make returns and start again. Also, keep in mind that if you buy a router, you also need a modem.

Lastly, when buying a router, do not base your choice on the speed only. As mentioned, speed is never as it seems. You can buy the faster router available, but you probably won’t get the speeds it claims are possible. This is because of your network and other factors, such as interference and physical barriers. So, don’t base your choice on speed. Look at other factors, such as reliability and compatibility to help you make the right choice.

Now that you understand routers a little better, you can start to take a look at the Netgear N600. Let’s begin by reviewing the specifications and details associated with the device.

The Netgear N600

When looking at the specifications for a router, it can be easy to get confused, but you know that the speed and fancy specs really are not going to matter much in the end if your overall network isn’t up to par. However, it is still nice to take a look inside the N600, so you know more about how it will operate. Also, there are a few important points that you should know so you can ensure it will match with your existing network.

It weighs only 2.88 ounces, and the dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 11 inches
  • Width: 9.9 inches
  • Height: 2.3 inches

​Looking at the general specifications, you will see this modem had 64 MB of RAM with a flash memory size of eight. It runs on 802.11.b/g/n and is a Netgear series 00NG-N600-WNDR3400. The model number is WNDR3400-100NAS. You may need that information to ensure it is compatible with your ISP.

The router also has some special features to help make it more user-friendly, along with improving overall performance. You get a speed boost thanks to the dual-band setup that delivers 300 + 300 Mbps. The dual-band technology also helps to reduce interference and provide stronger connections. The range allows for coverage in a medium to large home, making it ideal for including the whole family.

The Netgear genie home network manager makes this router simple to use, setup and manage. You get access to parental controls that let you block websites or set up perimeters for internet access. You can easily check devices connected and monitor usage through the broadband usage meter, which provides accurate measuring of daily, weekly and monthly connections. You can customize the setting for each device and even set up a second network for guests or specific users in your home, like someone who likes gaming.


The system also automatically optimizes performance for the best experience whether you are browsing the web, streaming content or hard gaming. There is easy access sharing with the external USB. Plus, connecting your devices is simple thanks to Push ‘N Connect, which allows for quick and secure additions to the network.

Finally, the Netgear N600 has gone green. It is packaged in materials that are 80 percent recycled. It also has a one-touch on/off switch and Wi-Fi button to help you conserve energy, along with a power supply that is Energy Star rated.

What It Costs

You do not have to spend a lot on a router. In fact, they are pretty affordable, and buying one will save you money in the long run over renting one from your ISP. 

You can buy the router from a range of physical stores and online retailers. Some buying options include the following:

​You may find some sales on the router depending on the retailer. Also, remember that you will need to buy a modem for the router to work. You have to make sure it is compatible with your router and with your ISP, so you may end up needing a more expensive one. Just keep this in mind as buying just the router won’t do you any good unless you already own a modem. You need both parts to get Wi-Fi service.

Comparing To Competition

Comparing the N600 to other similar routers can help you to see how it stacks up and what edge it may have over other options, along with where it may be lacking. We took time to find two other similar modems and provide you with some ratings for important aspects. We encourage you to review these comparisons to get a better idea of how this router stands out from the competition.

Netgear N600

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:

​The scores for ease of use and assembly time were dinged because upon initial setup, there is a common issue with very low speeds. This is due to a default setting that is fairly simple to fix, but it is a huge complaint with users who had to spend a long time to get the router working initially. Other than that, this is the sleekest looking device in this price range, and overall performance is great. It also is one of the most affordable options you will find.


Linksys Dual-Band Router

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:

​This router is pricier because it has some advanced features the Netgear router is lacking. However, the performance is pretty good overall, and it provides a stable connection, which is important. Setup is tricky. It can be tough to get the setup program to work, which has made many users abandon the device before even using it.


TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Router

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:

​The TP-Link router has an antenna that is big, and many users complained about the router’s looks. Beyond that, it gets fairly good reviews. It has the best setup of all three routers we compared. Users say it only takes minutes to get moving with it


When looking at a router, you want good speeds and stability. Otherwise, you may have dropped connections or slow internet speed, which is not acceptable when you should be able to get speed and stability easily. The firmware issues with the Netgear N600 are what lost it a star in our rating. While they can be fixed, it takes time and can be a huge irritation, especially if the problem begins after using the router for a while. Other similar modems seem to have better firmware that doesn’t present such a problem.

However, for the price, this router cannot be beaten. If you are looking to bypass the firmware issues, you will pay more, almost double in some cases. So, if you want budget friendly, then this is a good route choice. You can easily find solutions online to walk you through how to fix the issues. It just takes a little extra time during setup to get it done.

Overall, we would recommend the Netgear N600 router if you want a solid whole house Wi-Fi connection. It has great features and offers plenty of options to customize the Wi-Fi to your needs. At this price, you also get a sleek looking device that should last for a long time and provide you with a stable and strong internet connection.







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