Ps5 External Storage Doesn’t Exist: What to Do Now

Two people's hands playing a playstation game despite PS5 external storage problems

Gamers worldwide got excited last year when Sony’s new gaming console exploded onto the scene, but it left many disappointed because of the lack of PS5 external storage.

Many gamers threw down their controllers in disgust as the shiny new console ate up memory when they loaded the latest Call of Duty game or the memory-intensive Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate edition.

However, the lack of PS5 external storage saw much publicity before launch, so we all knew what we were buying into.

Sales of the PS5 continue to surpass the elusive machine’s availability, with over 4 million units sold since its release. Furthermore, with no sign of demand easing, Sony seems unable to pump out the consoles fast enough.

Moreover, Sony doesn’t seem bothered by their console’s lack of storage and doesn’t seem in any rush to resolve the issue any time soon.

PS5 External Storage

Many of us awaited the release of the PS5 with bated breath. As a keen gamer, I couldn’t wait to see what Sony had in store with its next-generation console.

I’ve had every version of the PlayStation and loved each one. After all, it introduced me to the wonderful worlds of Mass Effect and Skyrim. Yet, as the launch date grew closer, I held off with my credit card, and I did so for one reason. It’s a first-generation console.

Sony confirmed before releasing the new console that no PS5 external storage capabilities came with their machine.

When I bought my PS4, they proved difficult to come by, but I managed to get one. Then, to my horror, Sony released the PS4 Pro with better features and more storage, yet I saw fit to buy that console’s first generation.

It left quite a bitter taste in my mouth. Consequently, I crossed the lovely new PS5 off my Christmas list.

Recurring memory

Let’s face it. The PS5 features seem impressive at first glance, especially the memory. However, while the machine boasts an impressive 825 gigabytes of storage, we only get access to 667 gigabytes of that storage capacity.

Sony needs some of that precious memory because of the operating system and for system updates. Therefore, you remain unable to access the entire memory capabilities of the console.

Furthermore, because of the lack of PS5 external storage, you may find yourself running into problems.

Not just gaming

If you use your PS console for apps such as Disney Plus, Apple TV, or other streaming services, those applications chew up valuable memory.

Perhaps you store music or photos on your gaming system, in which case, yet more memory swirls down the drain.

However, as consoles become more sophisticated, so do the games. The new Call Of Duty game and Spider-Man game are quite memory intensive, so juggling your new games on your new console may be challenging considering the lack of PS5 external storage.

Size matters

The lack of PS5 external storage may seem unimportant as you load up a new game, but when you consider the sheer size of next-generation games, you may quickly find yourself heading into a void.

The fantastic Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate edition takes up a whopping 105 gigabytes of memory, while the ever-popular Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War uses 133 gigabytes.

Those two popular games alone may swallow vast chunks of valuable memory, which doesn’t leave you with a lot of space to maneuver.

Add your apps into the equation, and you may find yourself deleting games and information faster than you can duck one of Doctor Octopus’s arms.

Same but Different

A playstation controller that will work with PS5 external storage

Sony released two versions of the PS5 at launch. One version allows you to play games from a standard disc and includes a 4K Blu-ray player.

The second version does away with physical games to provide you with a streaming-only experience.

Disc edition versus digital edition

You may think the digital edition offers a better solution to the memory problem. After all, you don’t load any information from a disc onto the system because you stream the games directly.

Furthermore, both machines offer the same amount of memory, so you may think the digital edition better for conserving that precious commodity.


Even though you stream a game directly to the console, the PS5 still loads a significant amount of information about the game into your PS5 memory. Therefore, the digital edition proves no different from the disc version.

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PS5 specs

Sony makes proper gaming machines with gamers in mind. The PlayStation brand remains renowned for pushing the boundaries of games and consoles, and the love for the devices in the community remains undaunted.

So, what does this next-generation miracle hold in store?

The PS5 is the most powerful gaming system yet and boasts an impressive list of technological wonders. It supports 8K graphics at 60Hz or 4K output at a 120Hz refresh rate.

That means you don’t need to go out and buy a separate player for your expanding film collection, and the 8K ability makes the console future-proof. At least for a while!

Let’s get the tech bit out of the way, shall we? The CPU uses a x89-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 2 system.

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That means it packs a punch and combined with an AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine with Ray Tracing Acceleration, the visuals may never feel more realistic or have such incredible depth and detail.

The PS5 has 16 gigabytes of RAM and an 825 gigabyte SSD drive, though we know that only a portion of that drive remains accessible to the player. Furthermore, the console uses Tempest 3D AudioTech technology to deliver superb, detailed, and realistic sound.

However, despite this impressive list of features, the lack of playable memory stands out like a sore thumb.

Silver Lining

Unlike other iterations of the PlayStation, the PS5 offers backward compatibility. In other words, you can play PS4 games on a PS5 console.

This is great news for gamers because we all have a significant stash of PS4 games that we don’t want to see gathering dust.

Furthermore, the enhanced capabilities of the PS5 means the console loads PS4 games faster than ever before and offers an utterly satisfying gaming experience.

The silver lining derives from the fact that you don’t have to use up valuable PS5 memory to store and play your PS4 games.

Save your PS5 storage space

Instead of chewing up valuable PS5 storage space, use a portable Solid State Drive to help you conserve space on your new console.

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You cannot store your PS5 games on an external storage device yet, but you can save space by saving older PS4 games to the external SDD drive.

Faster, stronger, better than before

The use of an external SSD drive helps keep game transfers and load times faster than ever before without taking up physical space within your PS5.

You can adjust the settings to allow any PS4 game information played on your PS5 to store on the external SSD drive, leaving the PS5 memory free for PS5 games.

Give Me More Memory

Everyone seemed desperate to release their shiny next-generation consoles first, and I can’t help feeling that the rush to unleash new gaming power on the world resulted in consoles not quite ready for the public.

In Sony’s case, they released their new machine so quickly it came at the cost of no PS5 external storage. However, that problem may change shortly.

Sony is poised to release the full potential of their stunning PS5 by unlocking additional memory capacity.

Lurking behind the facia

While you admire the futuristic design of the PS5, you may wonder what lurks beneath its glossy white surface. Hiding beneath the faceplate sits an internal NVMe SSD bay ready to receive additional memory slots.

Sony intends the gamer to remove the faceplate via a couple of screws and pop a lovely new NVMe SSD into place. It all sounds simple. As long as you take care when removing the faceplate, you can release the Kraken in the form of vastly expanded memory capacity.

Not so simple

The only trouble with this happy development comes from the fact that nothing exists to fill the slot. Yet.

At the time of writing, Sony doesn’t know which NVMe SSDs will be compatible with the PS5. Various companies seem eager to develop the technology to offer the enthusiastic gamer, with a couple of forerunners claiming they have the perfect solution.

However, Sony has yet to find a unit that fits the tight space inside their console.

We Have Take-Off

A red playstation controller that will entice you to buy a console despite the PS5 external storage problems

One of the remarkable features the PS5 boasts derives from its quiet operation. When I play a game on my PS4, it often sounds as though the console may blast off into space at any moment.

That’s because of the cooling fan inside the unit, which works in overdrive as the console heats up while I destroy hordes of marauding aliens.

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The PS4 chews through memory and challenges the onboard brain with every game it plays. Consequently, the console quickly heats up, and the fan kicks in.

However, the quiet nature of the PS5 comes from the fact that it has precious little memory to chew up, so it doesn’t get as hot. That may change when Sony unlocks the memory expansion.

Tight space

The slim design of the PS5 means it may struggle to accommodate a new drive, especially one with heat protection.

Sony needs to find a compatible SSD drive that works with the PS5’s heatsink, or the machine may turn into a second Sun.

Any addition to the memory of the PS5 may require additional cooling. Consequently, while the PS5 currently runs quietly, this may change once you beef up the console with expanded memory.

Unfortunately, Microsoft solved the memory problem by using a simple memory card with their new console. We may only hope that Sony arrives at a similar solution in the future.

No Ps5 External Storage, So What Now?

Millions of gamers reached out with grabby hands and eager fingers for the new PS5 but found the console lacking where it matters. In other words, no PS5 external storage. So what do we do now?

Unfortunately, until Sony starts to roll out their plans for expanded memory, there remains precious little we may do. No external memory works with PS5 games, and Sony still needs to unlock the magic memory button.

Consequently, we must wait until the game masters release us from our memory hell to appreciate the gaming power of the incredible PS5 fully.

However, you can conserve PS5 memory by saving PS4 games to an external SSD drive. You can’t save PS5 games to an external drive yet, but at least you can use the precious space in your new console specifically for PS5 games and still enjoy your back catalog of PS4 titles.

PS5 External Storage Explored

The PlayStation is one of the most innovative and exciting gaming consoles on the planet. As a gamer, I continually invest in the next generation PlayStation because I love to explore other worlds and enjoy fighting for my life.

However, the shiny new PS5 lacks external storage, and that makes me nervous.

I have many PS4 games, and I may play them on the PS5 and save them to an external SSD drive to conserve the precious memory of the PS5. For many gamers, this represents an acceptable solution, especially as the list of titles for the new console remains meager.

However, from experience, I expect Sony to release newer versions of the PS5 with improved memory in the future, so I am still reluctant to buy the console until that happens.

Furthermore, Sony sits poised to unlock a memory slot inside the console, which should solve any memory issues.

Do I want a PS5? Yes. I want a gorgeous new PS5 so badly that I can taste it. However, I don’t want to buy a first-generation machine until I feel secure in the knowledge that any teething issues and memory problems resolve themselves.

If Sony solves the memory problem when they unlock the feature, or a newer version arrives on the shelves with more memory, then my credit card may leave my wallet at the speed of light.

Will you buy the first generation console or will you wait for better external storage options? Let us know in the comments below.

Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry-making business and sells his creations online.

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