Steam Hidden Games: How to Find, View, and Play Them on Steam

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When you hear about Steam hidden games, you might wonder if you’re missing out on some secret stash of games on Steam. And although that is what it sounds like, Steam isn’t hiding any games from its players.

The fact is that there are tens of thousands of games available for purchase on Steam.

And depending on how many you have in your library, some of those games might get lost in the shuffle. Plus, once you 100 percent some of those games, what do you do with them?

Deleting them all together might actually break your heart, but have no fear because Steam gives you another option — Steam hidden games.

What Are Steam Hidden Games?

Steam hidden games is a section in Steam where you can hide your games for whatever reason you choose. The platform gives you this option because they don’t want you to have to delete games.

That’s because if you start deleting games, you might forget about them. But you paid for them, so it would be a shame to delete and forget about all that progress you made.

Not only that, but those games might have updates and additions that you won’t know about if you don’t keep track. How will you beat the new additions or benefit from any updates if you don’t still have these games in your library?

On the other hand, you don’t want to junk up your list with games that you don’t play anymore. So, Steam hidden games gives you the option to keep the games in your library without having them crowd out the games you’re currently playing.

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How to Hide Your Games

Hiding your games on Steam is pretty straightforward and easy to do. First, launch Steam and figure out which games you want to hide in your library.

Next, right-click on the first game you want to hide, choose “Manage,” and select “Hide this game.” Continue through your list and hide each game you want in the same manner. You’ll notice your list of games shrinking, but fear not, they aren’t leaving Steam.

You will find your hidden games in their own section within your library.

Where to Find Steam Hidden Games


When you want to access your Steam hidden games, all you have to do is go up to the menu at the top and hit “View.”

The second choice down in that menu is “Hidden Games” — select it. On the left side of your Steam screen, there will be a list of all your Steam hidden games in alphabetical order.

You can either play them from here, or you could unhide the games to make them visible in your regular library.

Unhide Them This Way

If you choose to move your games back to your library, you have a couple of options for how to unhide them. The first way is just to do the opposite of what you did to hide them in the first place.

Right-click on the game you want to unhide and move, scroll down to “Manage,” and choose “Remove from Hidden.” That will move your game out of the hidden menu in your library and back to your regular library. You’ll find it alphabetically organized, like your other games.

But that’s not the only way to access your hidden games. There’s another way.

Or This Way

Open Steam and go to your library. On the left-hand side, you’ll see your list of games. At the top of your list between Games and ALL, you’ll see a search box.

Type in the name or the partial name of the game you want to unhide, and that game will pop up. Right-click, as mentioned above, and unhide your game or play it right from the hidden section.

From here, you can also find all your other Steam hidden games because underneath the game you just searched for, you’ll see a category named “HIDDEN.” If you click on that word, all your hidden games will appear on the right.

Right-click on them there and unhide or play at will. Or you can unhide them by clicking and dragging the games one by one to the top of the left side of your screen, where a box will appear.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to keep your Steam games organized how they default. You can also organize them in ways other than alphabetical or place them in subcategories. That way, you can personalize your Steam and make it user friendly according to your preferences.

Organization Is Key

Whether your games are hidden or in plain view, you don’t have to have them organized by the alphabet. Here are some other ways you can organize your steam games.

  1. Friends Playing
  2. % of Achievements Complete
  3. Hours Played
  4. Last Played
  5. Release Date
  6. Size on Disk
  7. Metacritic Score
  8. Steam Review

In addition to or instead of sorting your games this way, you could also create game collections. To do this, just click on a game either in your visible library or your hidden game section and drag it to the “Create A New Collection” box that appears to the right of your games list.

Once you drag it there, a box will pop up for your new collection, prompting you to name it. After you name your collection, you can drag other games there and organize your game list.

Another option is to add your favorite games to your favorites list by right-clicking or dragging. That way, your best-loved games will be right at your fingertips. Note that you can use these features on all your games, including those you want to hide.

Why Would You Hide Games on Steam?

There is one main reason why you would hide a game on Steam, and we’ve already touched on it. The biggest reason to use Steam hidden games is to clean up your library and reserve those spaces only for those games you currently play.

If you have a ton of games on Steam, this might be a good way to quickly get to the games you want to play without having to scroll through the ones you don’t.

You can think of it as a spring cleaning of your digital world. In fact, it’s similar to what you should do with your overflowing inbox or your computer, in general.

Hiding allows you to organize your library without purging games you might want to play again someday.

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Don’t Panic: Hiding Doesn’t Mean Deleting

Hiding games on Steam isn’t the same as deleting them altogether. When you delete a game, the game is not only gone but so is all your hard work.

Remember, you paid for that game (probably), and you spent countless hours earning achievements. It would be a shame to delete all that in one fell swoop.

So, before you delete your old games from Steam, consider hiding them instead. You don’t want to think about that game down the road and wish you could play it again and have it not be there.

You also don’t want to decide later on that you want to earn those last two achievements or look for that Easter egg you just learned about, only to remember you completely deleted the game.

The good thing is that hiding your games means that they are still waiting for you whenever you’re ready to return.

Hide Now Seek Later


As you can see, Steam made it easy for all of their players to organize their game cabinet. Steam’s hidden games function gives you the power to keep all of your games without having to sift through them to find the one you want to play today.

You can save those old, finished, or nearly finished games for revisiting whenever the mood strikes. And you don’t have to worry about them junking up your library in the meantime.

How do you organize your games on Steam? Did you know about Steam hidden games? Let us know how you keep your library tidy in the comments below!

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