Why you should buy a mechanical keyboard?

Have you heard of mechanical keyboard, but haven’t taken the time to really understand what they are, and why you should buy one? In this article you’ll learn the reasons why you might benefit by switching to a mechanical keyboard. It might be the case that after making the switch you’ll never want to go back as the benefits include serious productivity boost for work related tasks.

Mechanical keyboards

What are mechanical switches?

A switches or keys are what sets the mechanical keyboard apart from others. The switches are spring loaded and typically make a clicking sound when pressed down, but there are also versions of switches that don’t produce that clicking sound. That’s part of the appeal of mechanical keyboards, they are highly customizable.

Mechanical keyboards provide tactile feedback in the form of the clicking sound, but also the forced feedback as you press down on a key. The exact feel of the keyboard differs depending on the specific mechanical keyboard that you have. If you’ve never used a mechanical keyboard before then you’ll be in for a shock as the feel is totally different from a membrane based keyboard usually found on a laptop.

Different types of switches

There are a number of different switches that a mechanical keyboard could have, and by familiarising yourself with them all you can begin to figure out what one makes the most sense for you.

  • Blue: these types of keyboards bring back memories of the old-fashioned ones where every keystroke produced a sound. The blue switches are preferred by typists because there is an audible bump and tactile feedback resulting in fewer errors and faster typing speeds.
  • Red: the red switches have a low actuation force and have the label of being a “gaming” switch. That’s because it requires very little actuation meaning you can press the keys quickly – perfect for when you need to make quick actions during an intense session of gaming.
  • Brown: this switch type is great for gamers and typists alike and is considered by most as the middle-ground switch. The actuation force is 45g and there is a tactile bump but no noise. It’s a great switch to get if you don’t want to bother others around you with the noise that your keyboard makes.
  • Green: the green switches require more force to press down and are not as popular as the blue or brown switches. The unique thing here is that the audible click occurs when the actuation point has been reached.


These are just the 4 main different types of switches that you’ll see in the mechanical keyboard marketplace. There are many more varieties that you should investigate for yourself to see if there is one in particular which matches all of your requirements.

Advantages of mechanical keyboards

Improves your typing speed and reduces mistakes

If you work on your computer either in coding or writing tasks then you’ll enjoy the improvement in writing speed and reduction in mistakes. You’ll make fewer mistakes simply because of the feedback that you get from each press of a key. You’ll be able to register when a key is pressed and not pressed. Therefore, when you notice that you missed a key you can right away fix the mistake.

Improvement in typing speed comes from the fact that you don’t need to press down each key all the way to the bottom. Although, if you’re switching from a membrane based keyboard you’ll do it out of habit. Mechanical switches only need to be pressed down a fraction to register the action, and after some practice you’ll get a feel for where the sweet spot is.

Lasts longer

The average membrane based keyboard will last you up to 1 million key strokes, which is good enough for a couple of years. Once parts breakdown replacing them is not practical. On the other hand, a mechanical keyboard can last in excess of 50 million keystrokes. The ease with which you can clean and maintain them means longevity is improved. This should give you more confidence to invest in a higher end keyboard that’s more expensive.

Highly customizable

The caps of each switch can be removed and replaced by another one. Therefore, when one wears out you can buy another one. You can also change the colors of the caps to your liking. For example, as a gamer having the WASD buttons in a different color can be beneficial.

Product recommendation: Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Clicky MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard

Want to buy one of the top mechanical keyboards out there? Then you cannot go wrong with the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Clicky MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard. As the name suggests it comes with blue switches, so expect it to be loud.

The reviews indicate that this keyboard is great for those who want to improve their typing speed and reduce errors. It’s a great investment if you write regularly or need to do coding. Even if you have used membrane based keyboards all of your life you’ll notice an improvement with this keyboard from day 1.

The keyboard also comes with an oversized volume knob allowing you to quickly and conveniently change the volume. Multimedia controls also exist to allow for quick access to a variety of functions. Finally, two USB 3.0 ports are available for convenient access when you need to connect devices.

Das Keyboard 4

To summarize, the Das Keyboard 4 is perfect for gamers, coder, typist and general PC users. The blend of features and high quality switches can be expected to last for a long time to come. It’s one of the more pricy options in the mechanical keyboard marketplace, but given the superior quality it’s certainly worth it.


The different advantages of owning a mechanical keyboard cannot be matched by what membrane keyboards have offered us in the past. You get to enjoy faster typing speed without making as many mistakes, and the durability of the keyboard ensure it will last for a long time.

Furthermore, customizing the keyboard is possible so that you get to have the exact setup you want. For those building their own PC this is ideal, because having the freedom to pick out each part in detail is part of the appeal of building your own PC.

When buying a mechanical keyboard pay attention to the type of switches it has. One might require a higher actuation force, while another might be silent. Consider what you need by taking the time to research all the different switches out there. In the end you’ll see that making the jump to a mechanical keyboard has so many advantages that you won’t want to go back to membrane based ones.


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