Best eATX Cases For Full-Tower PC Builds

eATX motherboards may not be as pervasive as they once were but they still have a big following from the enthusiast crowd. eATX is 3.5 inches longer than your standard ATX motherboard and such this extra space really gives you a lot to play with. If you want to make the most powerful PC possible with no caveats, eATX is the way to go.

For such a big board you are going to need a behemoth of a case to house it, so here are the best eATX cases available today. If you have a case that you think deserves to be on this list, let us know in the comments. There is such a plethora of great eATX cases, it would be difficult to fit them all in this list.

1. CoolerMaster HAF X

CoolerMaster HAF X eATX case

CoolerMaster make some of the best cases around and the HAF X is no exception.

I actually owned this case for a long time and it is probably the best case in terms of features I have ever had. The thing is huge, coming in at 9.1 x 23.6 x 21.7 inches, so you’ll have to make sure you have enough room for it. Considering the HAF X came out years ago, the fact it offers things you would only see on more modern cases is a testament to how well designed the HAF X is.

There is space for six 5.25” drives, five 3.5” HDDs and two 2.5” devices. On the front panel there are two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an eSATA port and even firewire (showing its age a bit). There are no less than nine expansion slots, giving you space for whatever crazy contraption you can think of.

CoolerMaster HAF X Interior

HAF stands for “High Air Flow”, and this shows with the sheer amount of cooling options available. On the front you can fit a 230mm fan, the top and side fits one 200mm fan each, the back supports one 120/140mm fan. The case even comes with a cooling duct that fits to the side panel fan giving your GPU exclusive cooling.

The HAF X is a truly amazing case that is worth every penny, if you have the space and the hardware to take advantage of it, the HAF X will serve you well.

2. Corsair Obsidian 500D 

Corsair Obsidian 900D Full Tower Case

Corsair are another well known case manufacturer, they have a reputation for making reliable and well designed products and the 900D is the pinnacle of their case selection.

The price of the 900D makes it only for those with a lot of cash to spare but you get a lot of case for your money. I think the most stand out feature of this case is the compartmentalised approach that the 900D takes. The reason I really like the compartment approach is that it really helps make a case look clean. You can hide the majority of your cables and other such things in the bottom compartment meaning the hardware you want to show off gets the full attention they deserve.

The case is split into two sections, the bottom houses your PSU and up to six hard drives and the top has space for three. With the modular nature of the case though you can move the HDD cages around, meaning you can change it to your liking. You can buy more HDD cages too, with a maximum support of fifteen HDDs in total.

Corsair Obsidian 900D case for eATX motherboards

The 900D benefits from a metal construction, making the case feel really sturdy and reliable. The minimalistic look is really nice too, something that isn’t all that common for eATX cases. This case is huge, even bigger than the HAF X. Coming in at 25.6 x 9.9 x 27.2 inches, you will really have to plan your whole setup around this case. This size though gives a lot of room to play with. There are 15 fan mounting locations, space for any sort of watercooling configuration you can think of. Ten expansion slots. There is even room for a dual PSUs.

The 900D is a really expensive case, there is no getting around that but the design is sublime. For those that have the money, the Corsair 900D is a great choice for people that want a really clean build with no compromises.

3. Thermaltake TOWER 900 

Thermaltake TOWER 900 e-ATX full tower case

Thermaltake make some really stand out cases, but never at the expense of a well thought out case and the Tower 900 really shows that.

Now, the Tower 900 looks a bit more like a fish tank than a PC case but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The tall design (21.7 x 32 x 20 inches) creates some hardware configurations that aren’t really possible on other cases.

One of the best things about the Tower 900 is what Thermaltake have called “DMD” or “Dismantlable Modular Design”. This means that the case can be stripped right down to its bare frame, making it a really easy and hassle free case to build in.

Thermaltake TOWER 900 eATX case interior

The Tower 900 is a watercooling enthusiasts dream. There is support for two 560mm radiators, which is unparalleled by any case I can think of. The case really shows off your hardware, with three 5mm thick tempered glass front and side panels. There is room for one 5.25” drive and space for eight HDDs.

The Tower 900 is more a case for those that want to show off their PC in the most spectacular and unique way. It doesn’t necessarily house the same amount of practical features of other cases but it makes up for that in its peculiarity.

4. EVGA DG-85 

EVGA DG-87 eATX case

EVGA are really well known for their work with Nvidia GPUs, they offer some of the best customer service and products in the computer hardware market. EVGA aren’t really huge in the PC case sector but the DG-87 is a real beast of a case with some great stand out features.

To be honest, I don’t think the case is much of a looker. From the front it looks like a portable radiator and from the side it looks like a 3D printer. The DG-87 makes up for the lack of beauty though.

There is support for dual 420mm radiators and even a dedicated section for mounting a reservoir, something that is a great addition. The rest of the interesting additions reside on the side of the case.

EVGA DG-87 full tower case for eatx motherboards

Eschewing a traditional Front I/O, all of your usual gubbins are on the side, just below the windowed panel. We have a fan controller and temperature sensor that is displayed with a LED panel, whilst also being useful, it really helps the case stand out. There is also the “K-Boost” button, what this button does is overclocks both your CPU and GPU, a great idea for those that like to switch back and forth.

Back to the more mundane. There is support for up to twelve HDDs and eight 120/140mm fans. The DG-87 seems to really have been built from the ground up to have great cable management options too, lots of rubber grommets placed in strategic places will make a clean build easily attainable.

If you feel the nice extras that the DG-87 offers are something you could really benefit from, this case is a no brainer. A really unique offering from EVGA.

5. Thermaltake Core V71 

Thermaltake Core V71 eATX PC Case

A more traditional offering from Thermaltake with the Core V71. This design is more mesh based, making for a nice porous passive cooling capacity.

The most striking thing about the case is the huge tower of HDD racks, nicely accented with a baby blue. It’s a really nice touch. These racks are modular and can be added or removed as you see fit, there is support for up to eight 2.5”/3.5” drives and two exclusively for 2.5” drives.

The nicely designed HDD racks are easily seen through the nice and wide side panel window. There is support for four 200mm fans on the front and top, with an additional three slots for 120mm fans.

The Core V71 is a really nicely designed case, I really like the little blue accent they chose for it. The price is quite agreeable too for what you get.

Thermaltake Core V71 full tower gaming pc case

eATX cases are huge beasts and they are the pinnacle in case design, a lot of new features are tested in these expensive cases and then trickled down towards the more budget offerings. There is something to be said of small powerful builds but if you really want the most processing power and want to do something truly crazy with your machine, these huge full tower cases are truly the only way to go.

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