Best Mouse for PUBG and Fortnite

One of the integral parts of being a fan of First-Person Shooters is having quick reflections and excellent accuracy. Not only this requires practice and skill, but it also depends on the type of mouse you are using, since, if bad, but it can also bottleneck your reflexes and accuracy.

For this end you should consider a good professional-level FPS mouse, that is lighter, more precise and has more add-on buttons than your typical run-of-the-mill mouse. Have you wished that you could throw a grenade or use character ability much faster than you can on a keyboard? Then the FPS gaming mice allow you to do so by binding and action to one of the (usually) two extra buttons.

Looking for the perfect mouse to reign in your FPS’s matches? Here’s a list of the best gaming mice for PUBG and Fortnite:

1. Razor DeathAdder Elite

Razor DeathAdder Elite Mice for Fortnite

Razor is arguably the most iconic brand when it comes to a gaming mouse, and they well-known quality applies to this Deathadder Elite. Ergonomically right-hand designed, 16,000 DPI that can deliver a super fast cursor movement speed, customizable RGB back-ground LEDs and seven programmable and mechanical buttons, this is a serious best in the gaming world, designed precisely with FPSs in mind.

The Deathadder Elite retails at $70.

2. Logitech G502

Logitech G502

A close competitor to Razer’s iconic DeathAdder Elite, the Logitech G502 offers a slightly more customizable experience with their unique “Balance Tuning.” With the mouse comes a little box with five 3,6g weights that you can stick in the mouse so you can customize the total weight of the G502 at your need.

The aggressive and almost alien design is right-hand ergonomic and very aesthetically pleasing as well, it feels and looks fantastic. Other than that it offers the same functions as the Razor above with 16,000 DPI, fully customizable RGB LDS and 11 programmable buttons.

Logitech’s best product directed towards FPS gaming has a price tag of $50.



For those FPS fans that are left-handed BenQ released this ambidextrous BenQ FK2 modelespecially design to be ergonomically and fully customizable for both right and left use. Compared to the G502 and DeathAdder the ZOWIE FK2 seems a little lacking. You can adjust the DPI up to 3200, the design is pretty simple and without customizable LEDs, and it has seven buttons. If you are looking for an ambidextrous or discrete mouse, the BenQ ZOWIE FK2 is for you. However, for right-handed gamers, there are other products that offer more for the price.

The BenQ ZOWIE FK2 retails for $60.

FPV Mice for Fortnite Buyer’s Guide:

1. What to look for in a gaming mouse for FPS:

The summary is DPI, Ergonomic design, and Customizable Buttons. The DPI (Dots Per Inch), the higher the DPI, the better the optical sensor can track. Some of the mentioned mice had advertised DPI up to 16,000, but, truth be told, that is so precise for the average human that with the slightest touch your cursor will move so fast you will miss-click even the regular icons of your computer. Ergonomic design is pretty essential for you to comfort when gaming for prolonged times, adjusting to the natural resting positions of your hand – Bonus points for good looks. The customizable buttons come in handy when you are playing FPSs, as you can assign an ability, item or action to them, so that, when you’re gaming, you can execute that action at a push of a button.

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